We Actually Like…13


This week, we welcome another member to the We Actually Like fold in the form of Mr Boorman… postivity and less so.
Come on sir, only good things can be said here. That said the Jessie Ware-ism is a half-postivity. You think Joe’s heading down the negativitiy root and he turns it around half way… doesn’t have to be new to make it good! 

Madteo – We Do… (DJ Sotofett’s NYC Dub Mix)
Here’s an absolutely crucial repress for those that missed it first time around. Norway isn’t really what springs to most people’s minds when you mention house music but there’s a whole bunch of stellar stuff coming out at the moment for abstract house aficionados, with labels such as Wania and the Sex Tag subsidiaries churning out quality releases at a tremendous rate. This cut’s from Sotofett, one of the major players in the scene at the moment, giving us a woozy house rendition of one of his trans-European buddy’s tracks, the one and only Madteo. Carefully toeing the line between experimental and danceable this should please everyone. Get this before prices on Discogs go crazy again! (Patrick)

Holly Herndon – Fade

The ‘808 state’ (of mind), a lot of the time, goes unchallenged. Although the premise that theres a greater sense of engagement and human imprint in productions favouring analogue hardware is logical, it can sometimes descend into tedious zealotry. So its refreshing to hear Holly Herndons embodied computer music proposing a unity between human voice and technology; one influenced equally by Berlin-club edification and intellectual depth. Fade, (from the soon to be released ‘Movement’) is the best Ive heard all year; portentous, stuttering signals growing into a beatific, choral refrain. It seems idle hours in front of a screen can still be humanized. (Tim)

Quincy Jones feat Patti Austin

Ah, fuck it. Modern electronic music has really been getting me down this week. If I hear one more 909 hi hat, one more soft synth masquerading as a piece of hardware I may just end up throwing my own (usually very much cared for) drum machines out of the window. So, here we have a piece of real music made by real people with real instruments. Shmaltzy in parts, yes, but packed with more soul than the million ableton shit biscuits I get bombarded with on a weekly basis. Actually, there is someone on a synth on this, but it’s Stevie Wonder so that’s OK. This is music that actually elicits an emotion in me. Controversial I know. Get some no mark to ‘edit’ it and maybe we can all enjoy it more. Sorry, next week I’ll try harder. x (Joe)

Admin – Whatever You Want EP
Loads of personality in this one.  Hearing the beats it is little surprise to learn that the producer, Admin, resides in Bristol; but this manages to be of its time with good grace rather than cliche.  It’s on Glasgow Underground, which older heads may remember being right at the forefront of all things House in days gone by.  After a few years out of the game, label boss Kevin McKay (he also of Breastfed fame) revived it in 2010 and since then they have released a pretty wide range of goodies… this time they’ve made the foray into the land of spluttering Bass.” (Mike)

Addendum on Ewan Pearson mix of Jessie Ware

“I see Ewan Pearson’s remix of Jessie Ware is up on her website as a free download: jessieware.com“If you can deal with the rap, this is a fucking beast. Unfortunately, I can’t deal with the rap, so I won’t be playing it.”

Applescal – Boys (feat. David Douglas)
As the enduring appeal of the slower sub 122bpm electronic rumblings grows within this is a welcome addition to canon of deep low-slung basement bangers. My flu-addled body hasn’t seen the light of day much these past few weeks but this has been a highlight of the last few weeks. Dreaming of dark rooms, lasers and over-specced soundsystems for small rooms this weekend. (WIl)