We Actually Like #54


Space Dimension Controller – Correlation EP

SDC returms to Clone’s Royal Oak off-shoot with a 5 track EP, full of his groove-based, trademarked, wiggly-worm electro. All good stuff, he has a real way with a harmonic structure – only down side for me is the lack of references to stuffed fox’s. (Joe)


3 from me this week as there’s just such an absurd amount of good music around at the moment… 

Musiccargo – Harmonie – Emotional Response 

I’m not very good with people. I’m also not a massive fan of public transport. The two combined can often have disastrous effects… hence why I ride my bike everywhere – and no it’s not a fixie. Faced with a journey down to south west London on Sunday last week was bad enough. Normally the one train there is bearable. This Sunday just gone however I experienced not one but 3 rail replacements on my way there. This involved walking across most of central London in the process. Were it not for this album from the excellent musiccargo I don’t know what I would’ve done. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that this is an amazing album. Soundtracking disparate city scapes is one of its many uses as a piece of both music and mind control. I’d imagine it sounds amazing driving down a wide open road with sun beating down. 
Music from another world… I’m not sure which one.
We’re big fans of Mr Leath’s Emotional Response imprint round these parts.  We should actually be in Dusseldorf as we write this seeing musiccargo.. but that’s another story for another time. Sad face. The album’s out this week and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Snippets below but you really should listen to it in its entirety…   (Wil)

Sada Bonaire – You Could Be More As You Are – Captured Tracks 
I’m sure in some hyper well-informed world of uber-cool I really should have been aware of Sada Bonaire before but I’ve been blissfully igorant. Which makes finding this all the more exciting. 

Captured Tracks are releasing a compilation of mostly unheard tracks recorded nearly 30 years ago be Saada Bonaire  in Bremen, Germany. This is the first ‘single’ lifted from the album. “You Could Be More As You Are” is about as perfect you can get to to a piece of off-kilter pop that you’re likely to get today or in any time passed. Like a long-forgotten Talking Heads B-Side with Tina Weymouth on Mogadon. It’s d isco, it’s dub, it’s electronic-post-punk-astern string laden funk. It is by all accounts… amazing.  (Wil)

They’ve just  shared  second single and the first unheard track from the record: “The Facts”.   Check that on Captured Tracks soundcloud.

Margot – 4 Aggressive Young Boys (Tempelhof remix)  
Italian duo Tempelhof will be releasing their second full lenght album “Frozen Dancers” at the end of October which I await in eager… n’ all that. They’re digging through a retrospective of their remixes of yesteryear and this little beauty reared its not so ugly head again. Their remix of Margot from a few years back. (Wil)


Dave Seaman: Selador Sessions

I was really looking forward to hearing this mix, which is Dave Seaman’s inaugural Selador Sessions; Selador being his new label.  The reason why I was particularly looking forward to it was the back story, which involved him taking a massive gamble by creating a Kickstarter campaign that aimed to raise 25,000 to fund the costs of the CD.
Balls of steel!
He looked like a right legend when he managed to, first; pull it off with days to spare; and second; raise 7,000 above the original figure.  But he’d have looked like a right tool if, after all this fanfare, the mix wasn’t all that; but as it turns out, it’s absolutely superb.  It’s all about the melody… (Mike)
This is my personal fave on the CD:

Bondax – Giving It All (French Kiwi Juice Remix)

This has been doing the rounds as of late. Absolutely beautiful remix that’s helping me cling on to what is left of summer…(Jake)