we actually like #52


Aurra – Satisfaction 

Aurra, one of the best of the male/female boogie duos with a cannon of bangers including You & Me Tonight and Such A Feeling, have a ‘lost’ LP – Satisfaction – (from 1983 no less, arguably THE vintage year for boogie/modern soul) that’s just come out, after being salvaged from some rubbish tip somewhere. Needless to say, it’s fucking sublime – 30 years on and, musically, we’re nowhere near this. Fantastic. (Joe)

Listen and buy, buy, buy here.

Matias Aguayo – El Sucu Tuco
All about Mr Aguayo on many levels on many occasions most of the time for me… who else makes feet moving music as consistently interesting as excellent as Mr Aguayo? 
Pretty odd video n’ all