we actually like #47


FKA Twigs – Water Me

If you had but one pound to your name I would emplore you to put it on FKA Twigs being the biggest thing since sliced bread by the end of the year.  Produced by Kanye collaborater Arca, this has been billed as ‘Trip Hop for a New Age’, I’d say it’s better described as avant garde soul. Twigs herself is mesmerising – beautiful, unusual, other worldly and in possession of a unique, breathy voice – the musical backdrop is lush and weird enough to cut through the ever increasing slurry of modern pop. She’s great.


International Feel – Sketches From An Island 1
After a flirtation with hibernation (try saying that after a few beers), IFeel is very much back in the game.  Here we have three sumptuous efforts, courtesy of label boss Mark Barrott, although as per usual, he doesn’t officially out himself as the artist so I am officially assuming; but if you read the title and take a listen to it, I think you could fairly conclude it was created by someone who is somewhat Balearic; and it doesn’t get much more Balearic than Mr Barrott, who runs a record label and a studio out of a villa in the Ibizan countryside.
Guilty as charged. (Mike)

Kalidasa – The Waiting Game – Magic Feet
I’ve been living in the real world this week and travelling at rush hour n everything… I realise now why althought doing what you do you earn a pittance you get to escape the sheer hell of that. I am a very lucky person. 
That said, I’ve been discovering the joy of Soundcloud on the move and this little beauty from Craig Bratley’s Magic Feet label has been easing me into the train journey. 2 original tracks of sublime slow ness followed by a remix from Mr Bratley himself and an ace Soft Rocks mix. Great stuff. Get on it. (Wil)