We Actually Like #43


Eat Lights Become Lights- Habitat ’67

I’ve got no idea where this came from or how I chanced upon it… and that doesn’t really matter. What you need to know is that you need this Kosmiche beauty in your life. (Wil)

There’s a Free Download of another track here too. 

Find out more on their blogspot here.

Jex Opolis – Sharing/Senses 

Torontorian melodic Modern Funk with lots of hi-end tinkling to offset the synth bass/drum machine drive. Sounds like Jex Opolis have a bright future. (Joe)

Listen on Bandcamp.

Lord Tusk – Natural Partnership (Hightower Remix)

This one from Lord Tusk on Levels is being very good to me this week. (Anthony)

The Tambien Project

Sure they might be almost a year old now, but, if like me, you missed this the first round you should make sure you jump on the repress that’s just surfaced. In a scene flooded with edits of all kinds, it takes a lot to stand out and Tambien have done exactly that with interesting source material deployed in a new way. I’m a big fan of the scat stylings of Circulo, but every one is a killer. (Patrick)