We Actually LIke #42


Greg Beato – Respect the 78 (Apron Records)

So, Funkineven signs his first artist to his Apron imprint, and it’s a 19 year old wonderkid from Miami. 

Raw, mad, authentic house music from a surefire star of the future. The three track EP is all good, but the pick of the bunch is the lead track, Respect The 78, which sounds like a John Carpenter soundtrack on a combination of steroids and PCP. (Joe)

Fuck Buttons – The Red Wing – ATP 

Whilst the rest of the Glastonbury world were losing their shit to a load of 80 year old dots on the horizon playing out of my dad’s car stereo we went for a wander around a pretty much desolate wasteland of a rest of a festival and ended up at Park stage headliners Fuck Buttons playing to about 400 people. “Shouldn’t you all be at the Stones” they asked? When you get this shit all to yourselves in a field in Somerset… ffffffuuuuk that. Out later this month. New single below. 

?Jesper Ryom – Syvsover (Freude Am Tanzen)

Proper, proper music.  Jesper Ryom actually plays some of the live instrumentation that features in these tracks himself, and it shows.  It’s music with real feeling, but you can dance to it.  Like a Balearic Buzzin’ Fly.

But then I read the synopsis that has been written by the label, below the soundcloud link – it’s blatantly better than mine; so here it is: “What do you know about Denmark? Think about it: hotdogs, licorice, beer, and a definite taste for alcohol. Vikings, Hamlet and Lego. Nor must we forget Hans Christian Andersen, Trentemller and Junior Senior. So did we leave anything out? But of course we did; Jesper Ryom!”

Tomas Moore – Remains Of The Recent Past (getthecurse)

Sick, in all senses of the word. (Mike)