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Trushmix 39: DJ Sotofett and Ron Morelli

I’m cheating this week by going for a whole mix from the ever-excellent Trushmix series, with two of the leading lights in modern dance music stepping up to the plate. DJ Sotofett and Ron Morelli are on point with their selection, as if it was ever going to be any different… Sotofett is over next month as well, so be sure to check out the Norwegian in a rare-ish UK appearance. (Patrick)

Spargel Trax Volume 3&4
April 20th is Record Store Day (Woooooy!). It’s also Spargelzeit, the Asparagus season. Spargel Trax celebrates both these marvellous things. As with last year, the Don’t Be Afraid offshoot is releasing 2 various artists EPs, with everyone recording under secret, Spargel related aliases. Disco Nihlist, Scott Fraser, Mr G & Andy Blake are all on there, as are some rarer, lesser known talents. Nobody knows who’s who, but it’s all good, fresh produce. Each of the Eps is limited to 280 copies, with volume 3 on yellow vinyl and volume 4 on orange – both with an insert that includes a delicious Spargel recipe. In shops from Saturday. (Joe)


Jimi After – Exile In Data EP – Days of Being Wild

What a great label Days of Being Wild are. They just get on and do their thing, putting out little nuggets like this balearic beauty. Standouts on here for me are the low slung Prostitution of Sound and the swathes of electronic beauty in To The Birds.  A good record. Check the link below and buy on Bandcamp here. (Wil)
Victor Santana & Band – The Vector EP (Chaval)
Well this is quite something.  Just when I thought no one bothered making anything with melody at 130bpm any more, this motley crew have come up with a load of outrageous jams and combined them with a fast and furious beat.  Live instruments V Dance floor rattle = complete joy.  There’s this kind of early 90s element to some of it, like the delirious piano and breakbeat of Daniela, but my personal fave is Travel, on the grounds of all-encompassing delirium that pays no regard to any decade whatsoever.  Every track on here is great though – it’s such a refreshing change from much of what’s out there at the moment, because it actually has the musicality that so much modern day Deep House ought to have, but generally doesn’t, despite what people will have you believe.  Maceo Plex and everyone at Diynamic, you are exempt from this criticism – none of this is your fault – but everyone else, take note: stop pissing about posing and looking pretty to your analogue basslines that sound a bit like The Nightcrawlers, and have a listen to this.  Then; get some proper live musicians together in a studio, get drunk, have a jam, press record, and add a beat on afterwards.  There.  It’s not that fucking difficult is it?  (Mike)