We Actually Like…#3


Dez Andres – Things U Like (M1 Sessions)

Dez Andres is always thinking about us: New for ‘U’, Things ‘U’ Like – which is good to know, as he's on irresistible form at the moment. ‘Things U Like’ evidences an endearingly soulful convergence of numerous samples with enough groove and well-worn sonic ambience to make it redolent of the most well-loved and lauded soul/funk/disco. Feels like a classic already. Yes Andres! (Tim)

(This is a sample of the full release – the rest of it doesn’t sound too shabby either; G-funk/hip hop instrumentals with a smooth execution on a level with Kenny Dixon or Jay Dee)

Flowers EP by Andrew Ashong.
South London meets Detroit as Forest Hill native Andrew Ashong puts out this super warm EP on Theo Parrish's Sound Signature. It's got something of the Sesame street soul vibe to it, and that's a compliment. (Joe)

No Data Available – Stalker (Instrumental)

Love the innocent flow of this record… the rather naive (in the nicest sense of the word) vocals of the original are great but I've been getting down the organic groove (are you allowed to write groove anymore?) and sound to the whole thing which is why I'm going for the instrumental… like a long forgotten Trax b-side. Right I'm off to stick the headphones on lie in the park…   (Wil)