we actually like #29


Superlife – Go Bananas (unreleased Bodies in Gear Mix)

Different mix of the huge Detroit track gets a re-release on PPU. One of my favourite pieces of motor city electro funk. Woop!

(Jammin Joe E)

Paul Johnson – Let Me See You Butterfly

Delroy Edward’s set at this weekend’s L.I.E.S. Showcase in London managed to reignite my interest in ghetto house, a genre I’ve always been a bit uncertain about. Of course, DJ Deeon’s Dance Mania is the go to label to get your fix of highly percussive smut, with this romantic little number from Paul Johnson undoubtedly a highlight of Delroy’s set. It may not be the most refined way to get the dancefloor pumping, but it definitely gets the job done. (P-Funk Henderson)

Haddaway – What Is Love
I was shacked up in this hotel in Bulgaria last week which resembled a modern day incarnation of The Shining. We were staying on the 1st floor and they would pump out this utter dross Euro-trance-pop from noon till night. Cleverly they put the bass-bins in the ceiling so it sounded like there was a Euro-rave going on under your pillow as you went to bed, most of the night and certainly first thing in the morning… this was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back:

You can imagine being the kind of cantankerous little so and so I am this went down really well all round…especially for 5 days.
So when this came on it honestly sounded like someone was playing me Screamadelica for this first time. Listening back in hindsight in the safety of my jumped up East London office, it’s still a banger! Or maybe I just still haven’t had enough sleep…

Which brings us back rather nicely to one of the records of last year, Legowelt’s mix of Wolfram’s A Thing Called Love feat. Haddaway… or Haddawolf as it’s been called here… much better name that!

Right then… that’s enough out of me.