Track By Track: Vina Konda – Osseus Labyrinth


Paris-based sound designer and producer Vina Konda doesn’t concern himself with restraints or boundaries when it comes to his musical practice. Whether its tempo, synthesis or concept, you can be assured he’ll be pushing the envelope in some way.

Previous outings have come via Nous Disques, Electroménager and Discolored Field and now he’s making his debut on GBoi & Jean Mi’s Comic Sans imprint with the mind-bending sounds of ‘Osseus Labyrinth’; five tracks inspired by “the idea of travel into the body”, exploring the living concerto happening within our internal digestion system.

Excursions include a trip through the mouth to the stomach, a battle with E.coli and the relationship between the brain and the intestine, with noted sonic influences including Objekt, Jabes and Loft. Below Vina Konda guides us through the inspiration behind each track on the release.


mouth-eusophageus-stomach. The track is divided into three parts telling the travel of a conscious particle. The falling; the gastric acid torture; and an epic outro which is more calm but announces a cliffhanger.

Track inspiration: Objekt – Secret Snake or A2A – Yike!

Melting E .Coli

The intestinal system is a city, a structure in which bacteria lives. E.coli is a bacteria which lives in intestines and can cause diseases according to its number. 

Object or color: I have a game in mind: ‘Theme Park World’ in which you have to imagine a intestinal rollercaster.

Track inspiration: Minor Science – For the Want of Gelt


Greek tragedy (in the literary sense of the word. Particulary this moment when the narrator reminds us that the end will happen) and chips.

It’s a parallel between determinism and All_inh(ALL)e resumes it in a sigh.

S.N.C Modulation

Intestine and Brain.

It is the exchange of energetic fluid between the brain and intestines.

Track inspiration: Loft – Heffalump

Skip in 5 Seconds


It is the meeting between the sonic interface and a body. It is the moment where we are seeing the entire body through hearing and listening.

Track inspiration: Jabes – Clown Tool


brown – out of body-anus-fecal matter

It’s time to poop but the idea was not to do something funny. It’s a serious step and the begining of another life because the active nutriments in fecal matter are food for vegetables.

So the track is also like fireworks; something that celebrates the end and the beginning.

Track inspiration: Lorenzo Senni – Think Big

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