Track By Track: T.Raumschmiere – Heimat


There is often a hint of hesitancy when a musician of pioneering proportions releases a new album. Will it live up to their previous work? Will it emulate days gone by or offer a new direction? Will it be as influential of that which came before. 

T.Raumschmiere has been described as a true "Berlin original" despite not having been born in the city. Across the years he has released an array of electro, techno and minimal electronics on some of the most significant labels in dance music. Novamute, Shitkatapult (his own imprint) and Sender Records are to name but a few. However, one of his longest standing affiliations has been with the Kompakt family, a label which he now returns to with new material. He guides us through "Heimat" below.


The idea of the record was to name a random word/situation and/or pick out a random record from the shelf and make a track with it or about it.
The samples for this song were taken from an old gdr record that documented the history of space engineering up to the first landing on the moon. The song includes original sounds from the apollo mission in 1969. also: my friends Daniel Meteo (who I run the Shitkatapult label with) and Sascha Ring (Apparat) run a very good little restaurant in berlin kreuzberg called „zum mond“.


We (my friend and studio partner Ben Lauber) called the track „jaguar“ because when we were searching for a theme for the day and looked out of the window the studio landlord had just arrived with his jaguar. (Obviously we’re paying for that). Nevertheless, he’s nice man.
You should check out the video made by Stephanie Von Beauvais. It features a real jaguar (me), a whale, a dog, two ponys, a cat and three sheep.


The main sample of „wacker“ was taken from a record from a horn orchestra. We added strings from a mellotron to put that extra dramatic touch to it. The video for wacker was done by my friends from who also did the live visuals for my 2008 album „i tank u“ on shitkatapult.


Well, as you can imagine the idea to name this track „stoli“ came after having a bottle of stolichnaya vodka in the studio. I really can’t remember which record we got the samples from 😉 It was definitely not offf that vodka bottle…. but then again, you never know… we recorded some additional claps in the hallway with my friends Deadbeat, Nackt & Ben Lauber.


The reason why „le fux“ is called „le fux“ is because of my friend Barbara Morgenstern. We both have houses in the countryside and she is my neighbour. At one point we were giving nicknames to each other. She was „frau poosemuckel“ and I was „herr fuxstulle“. Ever since then we sign our email correspondence with „poose“ (her) and „le fux“ (me). I can’t remember where that piano sample comes from but once again we recorded additional claps in the hallway with my friends and studio partners Tilman Hopf, Giovanni Nicoletta & Ben Lauber.


I don’t know why this track is called „juli“. Maybe it was made in juli and I was just too tired of looking for a proper title? What i like about this track is that weird random guitar kinda sound that Ben created with some reaktor patch.


The only track on the album without a straight bass drum. Half time tempo, which I like. Good interlude. The samples where taken from some crazy piano record by….. 😉 


My favourite track on the album! Actually not a zwerg (dwarf) at all, more a giant. Or even: epic (though I hate this term;-) this is the perfect track to just lay down and close your eyes and let it take you to wherever you want. In my opinion this track could go on forever… 

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