Track By Track: The Earlies – Message From Home


Combining those eons old twin locations of Texas and Lancashire, The Earlies have returned from a seven year hiatus with a selection of sounds that'll make you feel like you were just listening to them yesterday. Despite being spread across two continents, the band are set to hit the roads of the UK to tour their swell new EP Message From Home which we're lucky enough to be sharing with you in full right here. As you entertain your ears, read on as they talk us through the release one track as a time; 

"Our EP, Message From Home, is about the concept of family in all its different forms. Our last album, Enemy Chorus, was a more aggressive statement, a declaration of battle. Message From Home comes from a more nurturing, organic place. We all have grown older, settled in to our skins and, hopefully, feel more at peace in the world. It's the world we want to live in, or in some cases, bring up our families in."

Evil Echo

Evil Echo is a solid orange – it actually began as a song for another project that we tore it apart and re-built for The Earlies. The words are for a friend who was battling depression and began to withdraw from friends and family. It's about trying to break through that wall he put up and let him know that there were still people there who cared for him deeply. 


Stardoom is a counterpart of Evil Echo. This track was born from some guitar improvisations by our singer, Brandon Carr. We had a recording session with just guitar and an FX box and recorded so much raw material that it turned in to a stand alone track. It really only justified its existence once Christian recorded his lovely piano parts for it. The title was born after a night of some extensive star gazing and thinking about the life cycle of stars.


Abandon is dark red. It's about a break up and the delirium that accompanied it. It's about messy feelings and the vulnerability we all experience at these times. Definitely a winter song. 

Disappearing Man

Disappearing Man went through several incarnations before we settled on this version. The Earlies actually recorded a version of it 6 or 7 years ago and then shelved it. When we got back together recently, it's one I felt strongly about and wanted to make sure we re-opened. It's a story about a father that ran out on his family. Winter as well.

Message From Home

I'm going with Spring for this one. It's about the warmth of home (perhaps the father came back…)

This EP as a whole is a sort of statement about family and home, literal or metaphorical. The title was born from a voice mail that my dad left for me years ago where he said he was "pulling for me every second of his life." I was so moved by it that I recorded it for posterity. This is the sentiment that I would say sums up this EP.

Message From Home is out digitally this week. It's a joint release between Franklyn Mint and Static Caravan, the latter who will be releasing the EP on cassette and an 8” lathe cut vinyl which will be available to purchase on the tour at the date/venue combos below;

24th July – GLASGOW Drygate Theatre.
25th July – LANCASHIRE Cloudspotting Festival.
28th July – BRISTOL Exchange.
29th July – MANCHESTER Band on the Wall.
31st July – LONDON The Shacklewell Arms.

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