Track By Track: Sally Dige – Hard To Please


Berlin-based Canadian Sally Dige is an artist, designer, performer and creator of Synth-Wave Electronic Pop. She's been busy working on her debut album for nearly two years and now it's time for the world to hear 'Hard To Please', which will be released on the 11th of May via Night School Records. 

Often seen in home-made costumes, Dige tends to sway between personas encompassing visual art, theatre and design elements to aid her image, yet 'Hard To Please' peals off a layer of Dige's character revealing fragility. Described as 'Italo-Disco Pop' music, the album bounces from early Madonna to murky romantic tunes and electronic body movers taking an unknown turn from track to track.

You can give the album a listen in full below as you read what Sally has to say about each track;

Hard to Please

Sometimes it's just not possible to make someone happy when they are going through a strange period in their life, no matter how hard you try. You will always be the one they will be quick to blame for every misfortune they encounter. 

Immaculate Deception

I have always been interested in the theme of identity since I have been told all my life that I am a person of many faces, identities and personas. Unfortunately many think this multiplicity is the result of someone living a lie, I see it as a person with many layers. I have always been attracted to people with another side unexpected than the front we see. To me I see a person who isn't linear and whose depth is enormous. I don't like flat people or things.

So Far Away

You can be so close to someone emotionally but live so far away from them in distance, and then you can be so close to someone in distance and be so emotionally far away from them.


You are your own Doppelgänger. Sometimes you can get along with yourself and other times not.

Losing You (Album Version)

This is a remake of the old version released earlier on Night School Records. I wanted to do a remix of this track so I rerecorded many of the parts with different sounds and instruments and sang the vocals differently. It was produced by Laslo Antal and like every song, recorded at home in the early hours.

Your Girl

How can you get close to someone when they are so wrapped up in their own world? You will always be a guest waiting at their mental threshold; just peering in from the outside but never stepping in any deeper.

A Certain Beauty

Sometimes the world will have you on an endless journey to keep searching for your truth, when you knew it all along. They just didn't want you to believe it to be true.

Dance of Delusion

Flattery and Praise can touch you in a moment and have you waiting on empty promises for far too long, until it's too late. And when reality hits you with its cold and painful truth, you will always look back on that moment of empty words with a plastic warmth.

Hard To Please is out on 11th May via Night School Records. Pre-order your copy here.