Track By Track: Nsdos – Intuition Pt.1


The integration of technology within electronic music has been a prevalent theme for decades.

However, more recently we have observed an array of musicians and producers attempting to defy the social constructs of audio through their means of recording music and the environment in which it is produced. 

NSDOS has just released the first of a two part album titled "Intuition". The release was recorded outdoors in Alaska using field recording amidst extraordinary circumstances. The work follows on from his previous projects which have previously featured the use of sensor technology to record music. 

He guides us through the release track by track below. 


I made this song with a video tracking system which triggers my software and hardware. All the textures were designed in my studio (outside it was too windy) with my webcam. I captured the movement of trees at different times of the day. It became the song of my Alaska expedition . We listened to this music all the time when we were driving our car along the country. 


Using the data of water as a noise base, I danced in time and jammes with all the song elements: imagining a dance ritual celebrating the power of water.


If you have the chance to take a train through Alaska please listen to this track and try to catch some weather stations by the side of the road.


Made with a Poket Operator, an OP1 (gears from Teenage Engineering) and some secret ingredients, this track represents my mood when I leave my comfort zone. It’s an invitation to escapism.  Like music from military marches, to give you the motivation to complete your home mission. It is a love song for the word « intuition ». 


I wanted to create a form of language or communication. This track is a translation of trees who move with the wind, using video tracking. I found the result quiet interesting because this is not really a song but a hybrid instrument playing with nature's behavior. I did almost nothing on this one, I have only created a bridge between computer and nature.


This loop has a cyclic change, much like my trip to the lab in Alaska. It's also like the sunset or the sunrise that I saw everyday there. I made this piece like a clock.

Buy the release HERE.  

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