Track By Track: Moon Diagrams – Lifetime Of Love


Art takes time, this much is clear. "Lifetime Of Love" is the new album from Deerhunter co-founder and drummer Moses John Archuleta, a solo project which is the culmination of ten years of commitment. Pieced together across the course of a decade the release follows a linear narrative in which love is built and simultaneously deconstructed. This is then portrayed through the odder reaches of pop alongside abstract electronics.

The album is being joint released by Sonic Cathedral and Geographic North at the end of June. We invited Moses, aka Moon Diagrams, to guide us through each track. 

"I’m going to talk about the album more in terms of inspiration, sonics and easter eggs. Not so much Livejournal emo content. Although the concept of Han plays a big part in it and I think you should take the time to read up on it…"


Heavily processed field recording from a cathedral in Girona. The main snippet of melody it opens with I selected because it echoes the vocal sample used in the Durutti Column’s song ‘Love No More’ which is a personal favourite. Meant to feel somewhat like Lynch/Badalamenti. 

Inspiration – Flower Communion


Inspired by an extremely stoned night hanging with Dean Spunt (No Age) and listening to slowed down ’80s records. David Bowie. And Grouper (heart emoji).

Inspiration – Space Colonization


I honestly don’t know. Kompakt and dub to the best of my recollection. Really just came together randomly and instantly. Evocative of a night drive.

Inspiration – Nocturnality


Rhythm boxes. Pole. Re-recorded and layered lots of piano playing with a riff from Cluster/Eno.

Inspiration – Gift Offering


Rhythm boxes again. Berlin in winter. Hints at a tropical jungle jam at the end before fading out. I’m a fan of musical teases as songs fade out.

Inspiration – Architecture in Berlin


Vinyl drum loops. Synth pads. Just wanted to try and make a low-key banger of sorts.

Inspiration – Cell Disruption


Rhythm box pt. 3. Sian Ahern sent me the vocals after i emailed her the track. East Village at night. Mirrors ‘Playground’ in terms of structure of something emerging into existence from a blurred, gurgling other dimension.

Inspiration – Borderline Personality Disorder


Arthur Russell. Nile Rodgers. New Order. This song came to me and was written and recorded in it’s initial form in an immediate flurry of activity. The quickest, easiest, most natural song for me on the entire album which is still surprising to me in hindsight considering how much of a struggle it is for me to write more traditional songs.

Inspiration – Mushishi

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