Track By Track: Lorenzo BITW – Pantea


Released earlier this week, Lorenzo’s new album on Future Bounce is described as an ode to Italy and the cultural evolution of his home country. The record seeks to draw reference to religious cults, mysterious stories and the celestial presence within Roman mythology and wanders between varying musical styles and structures. 

He decribes the inspiration behind the album as follows:

“In this isolated world that we are living in right now I felt It was important to connect with people around me and the current Italian music community. Italy is a country where the traditions are very strong but things are changing fast and the album is a representation of what is happening here. Pantea describes the conflict between the old and new style that can lead to something fascinating and unexplored.”

We invited Lorenzo to take us through the references within his record, he draws focus to the cultural elements which have guided his focus and explains more about his creative process below, pairing each track to a city or place. 

Petali Blu

CITY: Naples

Blue is one of the primary colours of the city of Naples, a Catholic city. The intricate rhythm from this beat kind of reminds me of the little streets in the city centre.


CITY: Rome

As portrayed in the video directed by Kiriko Mechanicus – Rome is a dream full of gods.

Giunone featuring Filo Q

CITY: Genoa

Like every city that has a port Genoa is representative of different cultures. This track with Filo Q features Latin American rhythms and Dembow patterns mixed with rave and trancy synths.


CITY: Turin

Turin is a city near the Alps, this track kind of reminds me of high peaks and it makes you feel like you can touch the sky. Turin is also the host city for Club To Club festival and this track is perfect for the dancefloor.

Tuscolana Bounce featuring Grindalf

CITY: Rome

Rome is also a city with peak time traffic and highways. Tuscolana is the name of the street where Grindalf lives. Tuscolana Bounce is playing on a big soundsytem in the middle of this big street, just lose yourself to it.

Saturnalia featuring Daykoda

CITY: Milan

Milan is the city of new trends and new styles, Daykoda is a young musician and producer from the city who represents this new scene of jazz and electronic music.

Calla featuring Clap!Clap!

CITY: Florence

Florence has a beautiful garden called Giardini di Boboli and Calla is the name of a flower that represents beauty and perfection.

Mirabilia featuring Danilo Menna & Coltreno

CITY: Roma

Mirabila was the very first map of the city. Here the sax is guiding the listener through the city, through ancient buildings and ruins of the past.

Ostia’98 featuring Shunaji

CITY: Ostia

Ostia is a city by the seaside, a strange place where you can find dodgy people and the mafia. A contrast to the blue of the seaside. The track has a summer vibe to it and we decided it to title the track after the city.

Spirituals featuring RBSN

CITY: Civita di Bagnoreggio

Civita di Bagnoreggio is called the dying city and the song makes me feel like I am walking upon a suspension bridge – this bridge provides access to the city.

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