Track By Track: Albrecht La’brooy – Tidal River


Originating from the sun kissed land of Australia Sean La'Brooy and Alex Albrecht make up the promising duo of Albrecht La’Brooy.

The pair are set to release a new mini album on the prolific Apollo which features a beautiful assortment of delicate electronics, melodic flurries and balearic bliss. "Tidal River" is composed of six tracks and sits upon a fine balance of musicality and experimentalism. The pair have released a vast array of material on the likes of Analogue Attic, Voyage and Butter Sessions but the new release looks set to be their most accomplished and free flowing to date. 

We invited them to take us through the new album track by track…

Track 1. 

"Daybreak" is the first thing you hear in the morning when you wake up in the campground. Birds, insects and the soft murmur of nearby voices. This track features guitar by Oliver Paterson and bass by Matthew Hayes. The day progresses as your tent's zipper is undone and you step out into the sunlight. 

Track 2. 

View from the Peak is the feeling of standing overlooking the national park and out to sea. You're hot and bothered but the walk was worth it. This track features Joseph Batrouney on the Cajón.

Track 3. 

It's late in the day and it's hot. "Tidal River" is a great place to cool off whilst watching the sunset. This track features Cajón playing by Joseph Batrouney and bass by Matthew Hayes.

Track 4.

You've been walking for hours to get to a place you've only heard about from friends. At 3:40 in "Sealers Cove" you finally arrive at the incredible empty beach. This track features guitar by Oliver Paterson and bass by Matthew Hayes

Track 5. 

Another day and another amazing bush walk, "Darby Saddle". This track features Cajón playing by Joseph Batrouney.

Track 6. 

It's "Last Light" and the Prom has a quietness and a mystery to it. This track features saxophone playing by Joshua Kelly.

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