Thunder Picks #009


There seems to be so much good music at the moment its difficult to know where to start this week? Im not even sure what to cover? I guess records, really. And maybe shrimps too. Anyway, here we go 


Nordic Heat!


Maybe the beating heart of house music is no longer in Chicago, New York or even Berlin. Maybe these days in its a fjord somewhere in Scandinavia okay, maybe not but there is some bloody good music being made by our Norse brothers and sisters.


Swedish label, Aniara Recordings is a good place to start. Straight out of Gteborg, the label is home to Genius of Time, who dont just make cracking records but are excellent DJs who enjoy the party, rather than standing around drinking mineral water and looking po-faced. Apparently their first release, Same Old Place, was the inspiration for the label, which has since gone on to release equally great music from other artists. The latest are (is?) Mountain Range and their (his/her?) debut release should be in the shops next week. Im personally not that taken by the A-Side but can see why it might appeal, but the B-Side, Untouchable, is typically tip top tackle from one of the most solid labels around.



Just over the border in Norway, which a veritable hotbed of Balearic and disco activity, Sex Tags Mania have been forging a leftfield house furrow since the early noughties and over that time have achieved something of a cult following. DJ Sotofett is probably the biggest name connected to the label  and he has recently started to play in London a bit more regular (check out the upcoming Kristina Records party at Corsica studio). But its his younger brother, DJ Fett Burgers efforts on label offshoot, Sex Tags UFO that that have really caught my ear. Following up last years wonderfully wonky Disco Tre he has a new record out VERY soon that you can pre-order from Phonica right now, which includes a collaboration with someone called Telephones. Whacky Norwegians, eh? Oh and check out that jumper!



Funkineven and Funkinevil


For those that dont know, Funkinevil is Detroits Kyle Hall and Londons Funkineven.  I wasnt so impressed with Kyle in his early days, the hype far exceeded the quality of his music but hes got a lot better now and Funkinevens influence seems to bring the best out in him. They have a new four track EP out on Wild Oats. Well kind of 4 tracks, there is an intro and outro in there, plus alongside two fully formed tracks. The stand out for me is In The Grid, which is wonderful, laid back, melodic with floating synths and true feel of Detroit about it.



And if youre wondering what Funkineven sounds like on his own, his Apron EP from a couple of years ago has just been re-pressed (saving collectors a small fortune in on Discogs prices). Its all about Iron Cloud for me. Heavy shit.



New Trevino on The Nothing Special Records


Following up last years truly fantastic 'Backtracking', former drum and bass don, Trevino, has a new 3 track EP on Craig Richards label 'The Nothing Special'. It's pretty solid throughout, with the untitled track at B1 the best after the first few listens, brooding, dark, heavy, almost abrasive synth line. B2 has a bit of 'Derelict' feel about it without ever reaching those heights. I should reserve judgement though, because I wasn't taken by 'Buried' (the flip of sie of 'Derelict') on first listen and its now my favourite thing he's done. I think these are fairly limited too, so don't hang around.




An off shoot of the Dutch label Crme Organisation is an anonymous artist project and theyre about to put out their fifth release. Rumours abound about who are involved. Is it Legowelt? Is it TLR? Is it someone else? God knows. I do know its named after a mid 90s video game you strapped to your head though, which suggests Danny Wolfers may have had something to do with. Anyway, as renowned tree huggers and acid house hippies, Neville Watson and Benji Semtek told me, Its all about the music maaaan. Check the Moody mix of nRg Zone.



Thunder Anti Pick Brown Shrimps


Rank cooked, even ranker looking raw. Like slimy little sea maggots. And they really do taste almost as bad as they look, the bottom feeding shit munching fucks. Who even thought that sifting these little bastards out of the sea and cooking them was a good idea? Bloody idiots.


Party of the Week (well its in 2 weeks actually)


On Saturday 17 August the Dance Tunnel host a special charity event with Gilles Peterson DJing. Well, Gilles and someone else. I cant say who because its a secret. But hes buoyant, has a sharp tip and might live in an Eglo. Full details here and its for a good cause.


beat n trail x dimensions


From The Vaults Kassem Mosse Untitled (Workshop 12)


Mosses ode to his favourite type of Mexican food. Possibly. Only a couple of years old but already really hard to pick up and absolutely massive.



 Massive Summer Anthem/Guilty Pleasure


Im not much fan of Todd Terje and Ive been resisting this for weeks now but Ive finally succumbed to obviously piano house charms  come on, admit it, you like it too, when it gets to 5:15, I dare you to say you dont! Youre not allowed to tell anyone I like it though, its our dirty little secret.


Miles 'Thunder' Simpson.
Tickets for their 2nd Birthday with the amazing Neville Watson and Domenic Capello double-bill have just gone on sale on. Check here. Don't Sleep… do noooot sleep!