Thunder Picks #50


The non-stop fun of July seems to be a distant memory now and the grim reality of being back at my desk job has taken grip. So I have, as I always do when times are hard, sought solace in consumerism and bought a load more records I can’t really afford. It’s only money, eh? Okay, admittedly it’s the credit card company’s money not mine, but what the hell! Here are some of the records Visa bought for me. Now, can anyone sub me 50p for a tin of baked beans?

Daze – Lips (Lobster Theremin White Label)

The first release on Lobster Theremin’s White label spin off included a Galcher Lustwerk remix which still stands out as one of the best tracks of the year so far for me. The stand-out on this EP is not the titular track but the excellent, driving ‘Drag Ball’ with its melancholy keys, nagging hook and crashing drums. The second, untitled track on the A-Side has a huge throbbing acid bassline, broken drum patterns, and soaring euphoric synths. It’s kind of like how ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ might sound if someone recorded it in 2014 and decided not make it shit. The flip gives us two versions of ‘Lips’ the first of which is break beat driven and the second more four to the floor. Both versions are decent but they use the same DSK ‘Read My Lips’ sample that was forever tainted by its inclusion in Alex Party’s girls-in-fluffy-bras-and-feather-boas-anthem of the same title which pretty much summed up everything that was wrong with house music in the mid-1990s. Younger readers without the same musical baggage as me will probably love it though.

Anthony Naples – Zipacon EP (TTT)

The super cool and sexy Anthony Naples has a new record out on the super cool and sexy The Trilogy Tapes. There are 4 tracks, one of which sounds very much like his TTT effort but is still ace, as are two of the others too, with the other being a bit rubbish. If you like what Naples does, probably just buy it.

Fred P/Kai Alce – Finale Sessions Select Vol 1 (Finale Sessions)

I am slowly turning into a bit of Kai Alce obsessive, the man really can turn out a great house record. And here he is again, on the clear vinyl 10”, with ‘Scene 1’ one of the most pumping tracks I’ve heard from him. In fact, on first listen I thought this was Fred P, who delivers on the other side, in techno mode. It’s pretty pumping, very acidic and catchy as hell. Every release from Kai at the moment seems to raise the bar just a little bit higher and this continues that theme. Fred P’s doesn’t do too badly either with his deep, hooky track, ‘Ram’, which completes the package.

Details One (Details)

People that put up with me on Facebook might have already heard this rather catchy but mysterious little Swiss number. It’s fairly laidback and built around the same Billy Cobham ‘Heather’ sample that Souls of Mischief famously used for ’93 Till Infinity’. I know that sounds cheesier than mouldy camembert left in an old gym sock on a sunny day but it actually works and could just be one of the records of summer. Need to quick on this too.

CEOL – The Light (Don’t Be Afraid)

CEOL is the new project from Subculture resident and Thunder favourite, Dom Cappello, and his production partner and all round good egg, Lee Duncan. The press blurb asserts that, “Those familiar with the long tradition of Glaswegian deep techno will recognize the trademark pads and strings, the deep sub bass and the strong sense of rhythm that run through all three tracks”, and that’s pretty accurate. The title track is the most likely to appeal widely, with what seems to be a tip of the hat to Carl Craig in 69 mode and ‘Desire’ in particular. ‘D3’ is slightly more abrasive, with its acidic bassline and punchy percussion, it still manages to be melodic, before ‘Third Thought’ rounds the EP off in equally impressive style. Music with depth.

Party of the Week: Saturday 9th August – Fabric, Room 3 with Harri, Domenic, and Neville Watson (Live hardware jam)

On the subject of Dom Cappello, the 20 Years of Subculture celebrations continue at London’s only remaining super club, Fabric, this Saturday. Dom and Harri are taking over Room 3 along with another former Thunder guest, Neville Watson. Some of you will know that Neville played at the first ever Thunder, that Dom provided a set which was the highlight of year at The Waiting Room, and that they both played back-to-back at our 2nd birthday party last year. So we’re fans. There is a little twist though, because Neville won’t actually be DJing, he’ll be playing a live hardware jam. This is the sort of thing he’s done with his frequent production partner, Kink, on many occasions but this party will see him perform solo live for the first time – history in the making! To give you taste of what to expect, Neville has recorded a little live session for y’all and for the studio nerds amongst you, there’s a little tour round where Neville makes the magic happen.

And Finally…

From the Vaults: Moodymann – Freeki Mutha F cker (KDJ)

This is a kind of ‘From the Vaults’ because it’s really just an excuse to enjoy the new video Mahognay have released, edited together from live performances in Japan. I think this proves that not only does Kenny genuinely warrant the hype that surrounds him but also that he is, without doubt, the love child of Prince and Barry White. If you want this track on vinyl it came back in 2003 on a white label (no chance), then again on the ‘Det.riot ‘67’ mini-album in 2008 (pricey but there other tracks are good too), and finally as a stand-alone single with remixes in 2011 (which includes the 10 min version and is affordable).

Miles Simpson

There are still a limited number of tickets available for Thunder’s 3rd Birthday party on Friday 12 September with Marcellus Pittman via RSN