Thunder Picks #015


That was a busy couple of weeks. First we had Thunders 2nd Birthday with Dom Cappello, Neville Watson and some of the most amazing people in the world on the dancefloor, who refused to leave at the end, forcing the plug to be pulled after the third one more track was played. And then if that wasnt enough, we then spent a truly fantastic week in Croatia courtesy of the Unknown Festival and the Last Waltz lads. It was extraordinary, exhilarating and exhausting. I think I need to sleep for a week to recover, but I would kind of want to do it all again tomorrow too. So anyway, with thanks to Elles for last weeks R&B Special, heres this weeks Thunder Picks.



Russian Torrent Versions – New L.I.E.S. Sub-Label?


Well, well, well, this slipped under the radar but it would seem Ron Morellis not content with his L.I.E.S. label conquering the world and has quietly launched spin-off imprint, the slightly bizarrely named Russian Torrent Versions. The name is apparently some sort of a reaction to Russian based websites that make digital versions of L.I.E.S.s vinyl only releases for free download. Legend has it that a severely irked Mr Morelli uploaded an alternate version of a Vereker track to a L.I.E.S. thread on one such forum, and then a little while later Nina Kraviz was allegedly heard playing the ''Russian torrent version'' of the track out in a club, hence the name of the new label.


Ron has denied involvement via Twitter but with the exception of CCCP001, which I suspect doesnt actually exist, there are only L.I.E.S. artists on the label, so draw your own conclusions.


CCCP002 definitely does exist though, it teams up Beau Wanzer and Svengalisghost, is absolutely banging and available right now. CCCP003 and 04 are forthcoming, and listed on Juno for release at the end of the month. Expect to hear Bookworms, Vereker, the fabulous Folrian Kupfler and the even more fabulous Greg Beato, who provides a track that comes complete with digital corruption fx (geddit?).


Once the cat is out of the bag on these it is probably safe to assume the records wont hang around long, so getting searching now.



Beau Wanzer – Hoedown


Greg Beato – Untitled <


Folrian Kupfler – Untitled



Brad Peterson Visions Beyond EP (Contrast Wax)


One of my favourite records from last year was the super deep, super limited Earth Energy EP by 2Deepsoul. I liked it so much I imported copies in bulk from Spain, where it was released, for my friends. It is the epitome of modern, real, deep house. One half of 2Deepsoul is Scottish based Louisville native Brad Peterson (the other being Rai Scott) and Brads got a new record coming out on one best small labels around, Contrast Wax. Cut very much from the same cloth as Earth Energy, it has got me pretty excited. Contrast Wax records are always limited to 100 copies, which routinely sell-out, but theyre also priced normally, so this no gimmick based money making scheme, just people putting out music they love for love. You can pre-order now its advisable.




Unreleased Gherkin Jerk Tracks!


Im a massive Gherkin Records fan and Gherkin releases dont get much better than the two Gherkin Jerks EPs. Rather annoyingly (or helpfully depending of stance), Clone re-released both EPs earlier this year on vinyl. Now theyre about to release all the tracks on CD too, but with the noteworthy addition of three bonus tracks, which are from the same Gherkin Jerks sessions but never released as such. Psychotic Fantasy was included Larry Heards album Dance 2000 pt. 2 album, Ecstasy appeared on a Hot Mix 5 compilation in 1988 but the full original take which makes its first appearance here, and finally, Reznaytor is an exclusive Gherkin Jerks track never available before. Exciting! Hopefully theyll do a 12 too?




From the Vaults Audion Mouth To Mouth


Whilst I was out in Croatia, I was lucky enough to catch an amazing Mark E set, in a small woodland clearing by the sea. Over the years Mark has gained a bit of an unfounded reputation for playing slower tempos, but as I interviewed Mark just as he was really blowing up as a DJ back in 2009, I know this is far from what he is just about and that he actually is a dyed in the wool house man. His set in Croatia underlined this, full of raw house energy, it provided one of the highlights of the week. And one of the stand-out tracks that night was Matthew Dears 2006 monster, Mouth to Mouth. If you want to find out what I mean about Mark, he is playing ALL NIGHT at Plastic People this Friday. Its only 8 quid too and with THAT system, hell sound even better still.






Video – Care Del Mar 1992


If you ever wonder why people who were going to Ibiza 20 odd years ago moan about things not being as good as they used to be, watch this, have alittle think bit about how cool table service in the VIP area of somewhere like Ushuaia really is, then pour yourself a cold chocolate milk and youll probably figure it out.



Party of the Week – South Place Terrace Party with Harri and Doemnic (Sub Club)


Domenic and Harri are a bit of thing in Glasgow. They invoke an almost rabid passion amongst the many worshippers at the church of house that is the Sub Club. Almost limitless musical knowledge, tight technical skills and an innate ability to read a crowd that sets them apart so many other DJs – its amazing they dont play in London more often and this is one of the reasons weve brought Domenic down to play Thunder twice. But at the end of this month, on Friday 29th September, the pair of them will be making a rare joint appearance in the Old Smoke, at the lush new roof top space at 5 Star South Place Hotel in Liverpool Street, where Ricardo Villalobos recently played an impromptu Sunday set. Like that party, this is a daytime affair, with DJ support from Teamy, and (heres the bad news), me. There are some tickets left and capacity is very limited, so youll need one to get in. Full info here

Miles 'Thunder' Simpson

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