Thunder Picks #013


This weeks Thunder Picks are sponsored by the word brevity, so, fill your boots. Ok, maybe half fill your boots.


Party Of The Ever Thunders 2nd Birthday


It really does seem like just last weekend we were braving the riot torn streets of London to throw our first party in Dalston. To help us celebrate making it to two, we've invited back our guest that night, Neville Watson. If you were there that steamy August evening, you'll know what great DJ he is. And joining will be another former Thunder guest, Sub Club hero, Domenic Cappello, who provided us with one of the memorable nights of our first two years. Theyve played together a lot so expect some back-to-back action too. Advance tickets are long gone but you'll be able to pay on the door too.
It all kicks off at 10pm at the Dance Tunnel, 95 Kingsland High Street, Dalston. Full details here.


Lerosa Woman Flew Home EP

Photic Fields is a fairly young Dutch label, whose excellent first release by Aroy Dee and Perseus Traxx probably didnt get the attention it richly deserved. I wasnt quite as taken with the subsequent two records but release number four comes from former Thunder guest, Irish based Italian Lerosa, and is probably the strongest yet. There are dark, brooding tracks, big Chicago basslines, touches of John Carpenter, a little Italo Disco influence and a deepness that reflects the thoughtfulness of Leos productions. If you want big, brash and obvious, this isnt for you. But if you want true substance and music that will stand the test of time, seek this out. in October.



Osunlade –  Dionne

Without a doubt, Osunlade is my all time fav Santorini based US afro-house producer. Actually, afro-house is doing him a massive disservice, he is both a versatile DJ (check out his Soundcloud page) and producer, with records like Envision and his mix of Mirror Dance being bona fide modern house classics, an accolade that, in time, he may find bestowed upon his latest release Dionne. Available only on as a limited 7, its a slice of pure summer.



Re-Press Corner Ron Trent Primitive Arts

I think I must have missed this but Discogs tells me this happened in December  last year a triple vinyl repress of possibly the greatest deep house album of all time. It really is Ron Trent (with a bit of Chez Damier) at the height of his Prescription powers. Every track is a fantastic. And here it is, remastered and on cream coloured vinyl. At 34 (inc postage), its actually cheaper to buy a brand new copy of this version than it is to buy a beat up copy of the original. Available from the Peacefrog website


Heres a little taster.


Mix of the Week – DJ Fettburger Roof FM Mix
Mr Fat Burgers (genuine translation) latest release with the equally wonderfully named Telephones, featured in Thunder Picks #09. Its fast become one of my favourite records of the year, so I did a little bit of Googling and found this recent DJ mix by him. Its been on heavy iPod rotation and features one of my fav Jovonn records too. Well good.



N-Joi at Quadrant Park, Liverpool, 1990

You always hear people talking about how it went off at such-and-such a party but did it really? Well, heres a handy little bench mark for measuring whether it did go off or not. I dont even like the record but it gives me goosebumps. John Kelly famously said that playing a big record at Quadrant Park was like scoring a goal in front of the Kop. I reckon it looks a better than that.


Thunder's 2nd Birthday takes place at 10pm tonight at the Dance Tunnel, 95 Kingsland High Street, Dalston. 
Full details here.



Happy Birthday lads… god bless you and all that sails in the good ship Thunder. Thank you for bringing good people and amazing music back to a London dancefloor. Viva Thunder! x