Thunder Picks #010


Well, well, well, we're into double figures for Thunder Picks. Even I didn't think this idea would get this far but here we are at Thunder Picks #10, standing on the threshold of one of the party-tastic times of year, so not only do we have new (and old) records, but a bit of a party forward look too.


Track Work


Regular readers will remember I mentioned Leo Elstob's new label project Track Work a few Thunder Picks ago. In fact, listening to one of the tracks, 'Take The Ride', set me off reminiscing about listening to massive fuck-off disco filter pumpers on the Terrace at Space around the year 2000. Maybe that shouldn't be a surprise, because Leo says key influences for Track Work include Roule and Crydamoure, both of are famed for their massive fuck-off disco filter pumpers, along with other labels like Relief and Soundstream, all with a generous splash of Ballroom and Sound Factory flavour.


It sounds fairly close to musical wet dream for me, especially as each EP will focus on strictly club oriented music in the classic Chicago / Detroit / New Jersey vein, using hardware sampler and drum machine based compositions that are laid down as a live performance and then edited after, bringing a raw DJ 'performance' element to the material and then just fiddling around with a load of soft synths on a laptop.


Kindly soul that he is, Leo's stuck a load of the tracks up on his soundcloud all of which are available for free download – for a limited period.



There are some crackers on there too, including track that piqued my interest 'Take the Ride' (pure Space Terrace 2000), the Relief-tastic 'Strawberry Smoke' and the groovy as fuck 'Pink Rush'.





And if that wasn't all enough, there's a forthcoming collaboration project with Terry Farley under the name 'BOX ENERGY' plus there's a whole load of stuff with the Dalston Superstore DJ and Batty Bass artist, Josh Caffe, and some vocal tracks in the pipeline from Robert Owens, Shaun J Wright (Hercules & Love Affair) and Victoria Wilson James (Murk).


What I've heard so far bodes well for the future and it's great to see a new London label on the scene. Now, if I can I just get my hands on the vinyl!


Bring That Beato Back!


Greg Beato is apparently a 19 year old from Miami, whose debut saw him become the first artist other than Funkineven to appear on Apron Records. What a debut too, tough yet still warm, I'm pretty obsessing with both '3' and 'Let Them Know'. You needed to be quick to snap one of these up (already 20+ on Discogs) but the good news is Rubadub in Glasgow have copies.


Hot on the heals of that release, Mr Beato's got another 3 tracker coming out, this time on professional grump Ron Morelli's label of the moment L.I.E.S. Like the Apron EP, it's pretty pumping it thankfully it steers away from the semi-industrial grind of some of the label's release and heads into slightly more melodic territory,



There is also a rumour on the street that he is the artist behind the Breaker 1 2 release on Canadian label Forbidden Planet. Aside from the main track being entitled '2' (with '3' being on the Apron release), I reckon just have a listen and draw your own conclusions. Oh and this is also available in Rubadub.



Four Tet 'Kool FM'


I've got a lot of time for Kieran Hebden. His genre melding work with Burial was genuinely a voyage in to uncharted waters, 'Sing' and 'Love Cry' are modern day dancefloor classics and 'Pyramid' was one of the housest records of 2011. But it's been a while since he's got my knickers in a twist, so as ever, I listened with anticipation when his latest effort hit Soundcloud. And I was pleasantly unsurprised, a meaty kick drum, crisp snares, dark electronic bass, a floaty synth led melody and then… hold on a minute! It's turned into a 135bpm jungle record that keeps stopping then starting again. Not sure, not sure at all. The white labels are in your local record shop now if you fancy it though.



Re-Press Corner – Kenny Dixon Jr 'Emotional Content'


First released on Terrence Parker's Intanginable Records and Sopundworks in 1995 it's one of those typical KDJ/Moodymann records that goes for big bucks. I don't really get it myself, it's alright, but 50 quid? Really? Then something like the sublime 'Joy Part II' goes for about a tenner? Sometimes this record malarkey makes no sense to me at all. Anyhow, JD Records in Spain have decided to repress the Terrence Parker mix of Emotional Content and you can pre-order it at Phonica.



From the Vaults – Moodymann 'Joy Part II'


The aforementioned 'Joy Part II'. Get yourself along to Discogs and pick yourself up a brilliant record for not much cash.



Party of the Week


London's newest Balearic get-together, 'We Are The Sunset', is back for its second party this Sunday at The Star by Hackney Downs. So, if you fancy a bit of balearia in your area, watching the sun go down over Hackney Downs, and maybe enjoy a chocolate milk (ok, a pint of Stella) whilst the DJs spin a mix of blissed-out psychedelia, Balearic, leftfield and oddball disco, then this is the place for you. This week sees Jamie Paton (from Cage & Aviary), Nathan Gregory Wilkins (from that photo of Kate Moss DJing), and Steve Lee (no, not the one that drives a taxi now, it's the other one from the Project Club and that), join resident, leopard print aficionado and man about town, Andy Taylor on the old one and twos. It all kicks off nice and early at 2pm in the afternoon, and is free. How very Cafe Del Mar.


Party Of The Bank Holiday Weekend


I know this is a few weeks away but August Bank holiday is one weekend you need to plan for, because there is just so much going. Something that jumped out at me though, because of the people involved in putting the party on, is Sunk on the Tamesis Dock Boat. Friends Andy Green, Truly Madly and Chris Chippindale are the brains behind it all and are three guys who have both amazing taste and jaw dropping record collections, which they regularly air on their internet radio show but rarely in the environs of a club. Joining them are Jade Seatle, resident at Night Moves, one of London's best underground house parties, and Jamie Read, who some of you might know as the Larry Heard Appreciation Society, or more infamously, the talented producer that Chicago's Joe Lewis ripped off and put out under his own name. The quality of this line-up almost beggars belief. It's a daytime do too, starting at 3pm on the permanently moored venue, which you can find on the on the Thames between Lambeth and Vauxhall bridges, kind of opposite Millbank. It's free but the crew would welcome small donations to ensure they can afford to do it again. And bets of all, you've got Sunday and Monday off to recover (or get wasted at Carnival).


Party Of The EVER!


This past Tuesday saw Thunder reach its 2nd birthday. Where does the time go, eh? It only seems like two years ago that we had our first party, during the week of the London riots. Braving the mean streets of Dalston that night was Neville Watson (Creme Organisation/Clone), so it seeing as he is one of our favourite DJs we thought it would be a good idea to invite both him and Domenic Cappello (Sub Club, Glasgow), who provided one of the highlights of our first couple of years with his incendiary set last July, to join forces and help us celebrate on Friday 6th September. Advance tickets are available now via RSN Tickets but last time I checked there was just a few left, so probs best to get a move on if you want one.

Milo 'Da Boss' Windr…Thunder' Simpsonsia (see what I did with the name there, massive. Ed)
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Viva Thunder…  Happy Birthday Chaps. x