Thunder Picks #048 Rob Mathie’s Guest Selection


With Miles and Rick are ironing their Speedos for their Electric Elephant appearance in Croatia (did they mention they were warming up for Derrick May? Haven’t heard them talk about it much), I’ve taken a deep dive into this week’s ocean of wax to show you what to expect early doors at tonight’s DJ Sprinkles party.  With tickets selling out in record time there’s likely to be just a fair bit of interest in the 50 or so on the door, so get down early to get yer lugs around somma these…


Project E – Denbossa [Golf Channel]

A Marc E collab? On Golf Channel??   I couldn’t get away with not covering this for Thunder Picks if I tried.  And given the boys are jetting off to Croatia pronto it’s appropriate that Thunder alma matter Marc E’s return to GC has a distinctly Adriatic vibe to it – kinda like a Bang the Party record covered by Lone live on boat party at dawn.  Needless to say it’s boss incarnate so snap it up while you wait for their LP to drop later this year.



Garnier ‎– KL 2036 [MCDE]

Young Danilo Plessow could have played it VERY safe with his MCDE imprint.  Boshing out a load of Raw Cuts clones would have hit the mark for many (and don’t get me wrong, there’s been a bit of that) but off-kilter turns from Michael Gracioppo and Latecomer have helped carve out a unique path over the last six years.  It’s no surprise then that Laurent Garnier has chosen the imprint to deliver his best (and almost only) work since his excellent 2008 Innervisions release.  In a similar vein to that, he manages to tease just enough of that Raw Cuts warmth to make it feel at home – you should head straight to the flip for his tribute to the late Mr Knuckles to see just what I mean:



Mic Newman & Max Graef – Real Dubz [Love Fever]

Max Graef’s a producer I’ve been waiting to really hit hard in 2014 – a 19-year old Berlin native with a very jazz and hip-hop take on house music made on an MPC?  On paper I’ve probably just set aside about a week’s wages on the guy but somehow his LP never seemed to amount to the sum of its parts and lacked those standout moments seen in some of his fantastic earlier solo efforts from last year.  His debut on Love Fever has that Rhodes-y Detroit soul but takes it out of that Raw Cut clone territory by providing an altogether darker and wonkier take on that now familiar theme.  Perhaps it’s Mic’s Newman influence, but I can’t get enough of it:



Seven Davis Jr – Friends EP [Classic]

I promised myself I’d get through this pick without saying “man of the moment” so, hoisted by my own petard, it’s with great excitement that we see a true house music artist (remember them?) hook up with a newly revitalised Classic to deliver some of the most dancefloor-orientated material Seven Davis Jr’s put out.  But best of all IT SOUNDS LIKE A VINTAGE CLASSIC RECORD.  All scat vocals and bompty skips, it’s proper vintage Iz & Diz and early-00s era Derrick Carter tackle:



FORTHCOMING: Anthony Naples – Zipacón [Trilogy Tapes]

Another former man of the moment, I suppose, Anthony Naples delivers again on the now infamous London imprint The Trilogy Tapes.  For those familiar with his debut release, the trademark sounds are there – over-driven 909s, distorted Rhodes samples are in effect.  But what?! Could I be reasonably be describing the majority of new house releases in 2014!? Perhaps, so with that in mind head straight for the flip which offers a skippy, footwork-influenced 808 jam.  WORK IT:

PARTY OF THE WEEK: Thunder with DJ Sprinkles (FRiday 11 July at Dance Tunnel, Dalston)

As you may have picked up from the above, I’m opening tonight’s party at the Dance Tunnel which may just feature Thunder’s most anticipated guest yet in DJ SPRINKLES. With a marathon 4 hour set and a 5AM license it’s fair to say that we’re looking at one for the record books. Again, with 50 tickets on the door from 10AM you’d better get that riot gear on and make your way down early – dare I say, it’s gonna be a roadblock…

Rob Mathie