Thunder Picks #024


Its the season to be merry and deer oh deer, what a merry old bunch of roast chestnuts and Xmas crackers we have to sleigh you with this week! Yes, I know its still November but youve seen that John Lewis ad, right? Thats when Xmas starts for me. Ho, Ho, Ho.


Thunder Free Residents Xmas Party


Ever since more than 3 people turned at any one time at our parties, there has been talk about us doing a residents only night. But only talk until now, because we thought throwing such a party to end what has been a great year of parities with great would be a jolly pleasant wheeze. Moreover, what with it being Xmas n all, we thought we would make it free as a little thank you for all the support people have given us throughout 2013. Were going back, just for one evening, at our former home, The Waiting Room (aka The Rave Womb) on 6th December and itll just be me, Rick and Joe playing all night through till 4am. If that floats your boat and you want to get involved, you need to be on the guestlist, and if you want to be on the guestlist, email us


DJ Fett Burger and DJ Speckgurtel – Speckbass


Im a massive DJ Fett Burger bore, mainly because of his music but also a tiny bit because he has the best DJ name ever. Then along comes DJ Speckgurtel, who doesnt just have a better name but teams up with Fett Burger to turn out one of the best tracks on Sex Tags UFO yet.  Deepspeck is a little too retro-New York house for my liking but Speckbassis mega – hypnotic house, wicked strings and plenty of Sex Tags wonkiness to ensure it stands out from the crowd. Flying out of shops too, so if you see one… Grab It


Abstract Eye Reflexes


Im not going to say a great deal about this new single on Eglo from Abstract Eye (aka Gifted and Blessed) other than it is quite simply astonishing. And a complete surprise, because I bought it for the Funkineven track on the other side, which is also brilliant. Proper future music.



From The Vaults (part 1): Mr Master Dog In The Night


I was up late one night recently, trawling through youtube (as you do late at night),  listening to records I have upstairs but cant be arsed to get up and go and find and stumbled across this, an actual real, bona fide video for one of the all-time great Italo records. Okay, okay, the full vocal version it features is an acquired taste, as most people would plump for the instrumental, but the video makes it worthwhile in my book.  If you want the actual record and dont fancy dropping the cost of a small flat in Zone 3 on it, the good news is you can still pick the Radius re-release of the instrumental for the price of a small car



From The Vaults (part 2): B.W.H. Stop


And if one video that cost 5 lira to produce wasnt enough, theres another one too! Produced by the man behind Mr Master, Stefano Zito, the harsh truth is Stop is probably better than Dog In The Night because (i) the vocal is frigging brilliant, and (ii) it has the equally fantastic (maybe even better) Livin It Up on the flip. This record does things to me I simply cannot even begin to describe, its also stupidly expensive to pick up but like Mr Master, Radius re-released it too and if you do buy it, youre investing a tiny bit of heaven, so its worth it.



Charity Quiz Night of the Week Sorted for s and Quiz


Next Wednesday 4th December, down Victoria Park Road way in Hackney, the Lauriston Pub is holding a fundraising Pub Quiz and Raffle in support of the Disasters and Emergency Committee, for people affected by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Your hosts for the night will be the svelte and glamorous Joe Sutton, and the manly and rugged Eleanor Pinfold (I think I got that the right way round), with the former providing the questions and the gags. Not only is it for great cause, therell be booze and its bound to be a good laugh too. You might even get to go home with a bit of booty, as Lex Records, Dalston Superstore, Mr Gresty, Hawkes, Passarella Death Squad, Converse, and NTS are all chipping in with prizes. Its a measly 3 quid to a person to enter and 1 for raffle ticket. So have a word with your mates, whip up a team and get down there! More details on facebook here


Mix of the Week: Dan Harrington Small Worlds III


Dan Harrington, one half of the team behind Modernista Records, is one of the most underrated DJs in London. His Small Worlds mix series has been beacon of brilliance on my iPod all year and Dan ends 2013 with yet another cracking instalment. Every track provides a wtf is that? moment, to the point where I had to get in touch with Dan and beg him for IDs. Being the lovely chap that he is, he came through too – so here it is, a Thunder Picks exclusive, the mix with a full tracklist! Oh and you can catch Dan playing at Night Moves with the super Jane and Jade on Saturday 7th December.


Cloud Face Summer

Marcellis Because

Gunnar Halsam Mark and Don

Son Sine Upekah

Terekke Damn

Omar S She's Sah Hero Nik

Steve Summers & Bookworms Halfzware

Simoncino The China Syndrome

Recloose Can't Take it (Carl Craig mix)

TowLie This is a Moment (BMX edit)

M + M Theme

Galcher Lustwerk Tape 22

Anthony Naples Busy Signal

Jay Daniel No Love Lost

$tinkworx MKB

Madteo We Doubt (Sotofett mix)


Miles 'Da Christmas Boss' Simpson

Ho ho ho! Join Thunder with some Xmas cheer at The Waiting Room (aka The Rave Womb) next Friday 6th December. You need to be on the guestlist tho. Join them by emailing Thunder