Premiere: Giraffi Dog feat. Erik Jäähalli – Members of Warning 2021

Sleeve Artwork

The Berlin label launch into the new year with a split EP from a few day oners.

Relationships continuously changed: some people came and went, other acquaintances exited and entered our circles, but real friendships always stood the test of time. Whether in disparate places or on different trajectories, your day ones remained — no matter how many weeks, months or years were spent apart, nothing seemed to change. You simply pick up where you left off.


Berlin’s Warning Records kick off 2022 with a split EP from a few day oners: Giraffi Dog and Henry 3000, with extra production sparkle from Erik Jäähalli and DJ Hummer. In signature Warning style the 12″ balances hands-in-the-air euphoria and slick electro hip hop jams, opening with our pick of the bunch from Giraffi Dog & Erik Jäähalli: an anthemic rave cut which has been doing the rounds in Warning circles.

Guillaume de Ubeda takes care of the design – check out our feature with him.


WAR1203 is out on 14th January. Video by Jannes Becherer.