Sutja’s Metaphysical Circus #4


Once more the almightty Sutja Gutierrez graces us with his presence here at R$N Towers, filling our ears with all manner of metaphysical sounds and turning each last speck of dust in our great halls into a vibrant, buzzing aural experience. He's yet again provided us with a whole host of tracks that will please your ears and re-adjust your brains just enough so that you're ready to enjoy whatever the day throws at you. Into the circus we go…

Koeeoaddi There – The Incredible String Band

Incredible String Band goes deep inside of you. Explore your body and your mind. Please, go outside.

Break the Spell – Please

Daydreaming. Pete Dunton’s voice is like the sound of many waters.

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out – Dr. Timothy Leary

God bless Dr.Timothy Leary.

Golden Earrings – Gandalf

As far as I know, Capitol Records ruined this band’s career. I fully recommend the entire album. Their version of 'Nature Boy' is amazing.


Here are a couple of lovely images for you, just because Sutja's a nice guy.

Face to the World –  Janko Nilovic

This beautiful march by Janko is pretty epic. Psyc’ Impressions is one of my favourite albums of all time.

Kukulkan – Toncho Pilatos

Taken from their first album. I don’t really know how I ended up owning this song/album but…Viva Mexico!

Glow Worms – Vashti Bunyan

No matter where or when: Vashti Bunyan.

Soshuu Yakyoku – Kirishima Noboru, Kikuchi Akiko

This song makes me feel strangely happy. Travel without a move.

Listen to Sutja Gutierrez and find out more about him here. Click the biog at the top to find out even more.