Sutja’s Metaphysical Circus #1


Sutja Gutierrez is a man of many skills: he is an artist, DJ, solo musician and a member of the band The Fruhstucks. His music combines a fruit salad of sharp pineapple-y electro with soft mango-ey funk and disco. A shot of Rock and a double of Psychedelic can be added to the cocktail too but his music is also ethereal in its' sound, coaxing the birds from the trees only for them to dance around like a pigeon in a disco. (We can all do that dance right?).

Last month he furnished us with a most excellent of R$N mix – that can be pored over in all its glory right hereWhen you listen to something of that beauty you just know you're going to hit it off with the mind behind it. And we did. We talked, we talked some more that talk has morphosed into a regular psychedelic column from the good man.  

Sutja starts a fortnightly column below highlighting all that should be listened to – past, present and future – from the psych outer reaches. The format will take the form of some mind-bending psychedelia from throughout the ages at the start of the month and later in the month a deeper examination of an album. We're making it up as we go along so expect this to change.

Got that? Good, let's go…  

"Lovely mid-end sixties band. Pure fuel for your mind:

Taken from 'The Lost Tapes', an outstanding compilation from an amazing band. That’s all.

The Soft Machine member sadly passed away on 2013. For me, one of the best musicians of all time. 

I discovered them at 'BREAD' (1971) a terrible film about the Isle of Wight pop festival. They blew my mind.

An amazing band from Kitwe (Zambia). 'Black Power' is such an interesting LP.

The mysterious man behind the 'Gisteri' project as well as being an amazing and multitalented musician. 

One of the best albums I’ve ever heard. “Dreaming wide awake. Too late, the melody is over.”

Felix Papparaldi appears on this beautiful album. Felix was shot and killed by his wife, Gail, she invented the bands' name.

Listen to Sutja Gutierrez and find out more about him here. Click the biog at the top to find out even more.