Playlist: Music To Cut Hair To with Tayo


Tayo. My mate, my pal, my confidant, my hero and he’s still here to tell the tale.

I could bang on about his mega DJ career, his new career making radio programmes/ documentaries, his love for football (Arsenal mainly) and Prince just to kick things off.. Or I can tell you how much his friendship means to me.

From festivals, raves, Berlin, Ibiza, his female friends (who I sort of steal), after parties, tracksuit parties, capes, wigs, car journeys, posh restaurants, dirty dark corners we have been through the lot together. The conversation and laughter is always there.

He has never let go of my hand.

Tayo I salute you. x

When were you at your happiest?

I try and find a moment every day. When that fourth goal went in against Tottenham was the latest example.

What’s your greatest fear?

I’m not going to tell you because I don’t want to manifest it. 

Who do you admire?

Christ where to start. I have very developed creative crushes on people from music / film / literature / radio, but closer to home –  my brother is a constant inspiration in his own (much quieter than my) way, and my girlfriend Abby is a bit of a super woman who I admire massively. 
Oh and Frank Tope, the music maven.

What trait do you deplore in yourself/ other people?

I don’t hate anything about myself because it’s not a healthy way to be, but I could do with being less irascible, that’s for sure. Got that from my mum. 
In others: people who regularly tweet to customer services to complain make me despair.   

What’s your worst habit?

You’ll have to ask others that. I suspect my inability to let grudges pass gracefully might come up. 

Favourite word? 

Always been a fan of “plinth” as it’s a lovely word to say. ‘Oleaginous’ is another. I enjoyed writing ‘maven’ a few seconds ago, more than I thought I would. 

Who would you like to say sorry to?

My dad, but that’s not possible. My old university flatmate Henry, because I used to use his expensive olive oil to fry fish fingers. He was always a very refined young man, which can be the only explanation for having very expensive olive oil as a student.

Who do you despise?

The first name that came to mind was David Cameron, so let’s leave him there as a placeholder. 

Who or what is the love of your life?

Music has helped me understand my politics, my blackness, my environment, and my emotions.  It’s also played a part in my so-called career choices, and through music I’ve seen the world and made lifelong friends. Plus y’know. Prince.

What would improve your life?

Two more hours uninterrupted sleep per night. The new fluoro table-tennis table I’ve just bought from Art Of Ping Pong. Meeting Chuck D. Being mentored by Russell Simmons. 

What’s your greatest achievement?

I’m quietly proud of the fact I’m currently enjoying career two, making audio programmes & documentaries, as much as I enjoyed the other life playing records. I found it tricky starting over again, being back at school, and doing entry level stuff again at 40, but it’s been worth it so far, and I’m excited at the chance to express myself creatively in something new. 

What keeps you awake at night?

Ideas. Tomorrow’s to-do list. Football podcasts. 

How would you like to be remembered?

Ideally with a good story and a hearty laugh by my friends, and with a decent body of work, whether that is radio programmes and documentaries I’ve made, gigs I’ve done or whatever. But I’m not signing off just yet, so that’s enough on that. 

What lessons has life taught you?

Back yourself, forgive yourself, treat success and failure with equanimity, and don’t celebrate until the final whistle. Oh and don’t have a bedroom underneath Ben Westbeech. 

What would your super power be?

A side-eye look that shoots actual lazers.

Favourite smell?

Coffee. Palo Santo. A laundry room full of clean clothes. I’ve written and deleted ‘pollen’ a few times, but my mum isn’t going to read this, so whatever. Pollen.

Who would play you in a film?

In my head it would be Spike Lee, or Jamie Hector, but in reality it would have been Gary Coleman, if he was still alive, and in his absence I’m sure the part would be given to Joseph Marcell, who played Jeffery in the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

Tell us a secret?

I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing or Elf. I have always hated Sugar Bear “Don’t Scandalize Mine” and used to pretend to enjoy the drop when I heard it with friends. It’s not a secret to anyone who knows me but I’m a huge fan of Meatloaf, and think ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ is one of the greatest LPs of all time.