Palms Trax Presents Jay’s Cheese Of The Day – Day 5: Roquefort


The day has come, our final cheese. It's fair to say that we've learnt a thing or two from Jay across this week. From the dizzying heights of British cheddar through international nuns and beyond. He really pulled it out the bag. 

Over and out….

'My week spent chatting about cheese in an official capacity is over (although I will be playing lots of the stuff in Newcastle tonight if anyones about) and it’s given me the blues. A Roquefort to be precise! Legend has it this much loved sheep’s cheese was discovered by a young shepherd who had abandoned his lunch to chase after a beautiful maiden he’d spotted way into the distance. After a fruitless, three-day long search he returned to the cave whence he came from and was horrified to discover his food had turned quite mouldy. Starving, he tucked in anyway, was pleasantly surprised by the flavour and a legend was born! Alex James of Blur fame is said to be a fan, and on an early tour of Japan his fans lovingly hurled it in his direction. Unfortunately for him it’s sold in tins over there, and I highly recommend giving Marco a similar greeting when he does his all nighter at Bloc this Saturday.'


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