Over The Counter #16: Crevette


For such a fresh-faced record shop, Crevette Records have done an amazing job of positioning themselves at the forefront of vinyl culture in the Belgian capital of Brussels. Supplying the good people of the city with picks, old and new, ranging from proto house to Detroit techno, Owner Pim Thomas AKA Alfred Anders and his team have definitely filled what was previously a huge gap in the scene. Last year he expanded the business further, setting up a distribution arm and an in-house label, as well as linking up with Red Light Radio for a Crevette crew residency. Get to know a bit more about them as they guide us through their favourite selections in store…

"Crevette opened it's doors about two years ago and ever since we try to give everyone who visits a diverse insight into the electronic music scene. We have a regular supply of more exclusive, hard to find gems but keep the second hand crates filled with cheap, yet well selected music too. A wide selection of both new and second hand records, ranging from weirdo spaced out electronica to ’90s driving Detroit techno, but also soothing disco vibes and early proto house will give every digger a chance to find music to their likings." 

Lisa Carbon & Friends – Stereococktail [Pod Communication] 

With some records you're happy that they don't sell too fast, so you can listen to them yourself while working in the shop. This is one of those records. It has a new home now, but we took pleasure in it while it was here. The album is full of really good and diverse tracks for different moods.

Kabuki – Astronaut/Total Eclipse (played at 33RMP) [Percision Breakbeat Research]

Slowed down drum 'n bass tracks: a technique made famous by some South American gangster deejays. Recycled dance music perspectives, only by the beauty of vinyl.

Caustic 14 – Basic Moves 07 [Basic Moves]

One of our Basic Moves favorites, Sebastian painting the first rays of sun after a star-filled night above Brussels. Use the B side for winding down the afterparty. Positive education!

Start – Start [GRD Productions]

A rare find New Beat track. With great honor we've already passed on multiple copies of this record to new owners.

Sub Da Fuze – Begone [Scatological Records]

This relatively unknown record came out of our second hand Detroit section. Scatological Records was a UK label that only ever released five records from 1996 -1997. This track takes you on a deep house (the good kind) journey while keeping it cool and breezy.

Station Rose – Gunafa’s Children [Childhood Intelligence]

Put in the spotlight by the boys from Childhood Intelligence, Station Rose brings six short but engaging and psychedelic tracks with a super high level of production.

Various – Elsewhere CDXLIV [Crevette Records]

The latest release on our in-house label couldn't be missed on this list, of course. The compilation is carefully assembled by Brussels enfant terrible DJ SoFa. This is some proper tropical weirdness for lovers of slow grooving music, like us.

Gunjah – Going Strong [Armut24]

A great reminder that good tracks are everywhere. If you dive deep into 'nu' disco, minimal and more "commercial" stuff you'll always get hooked on something. The product of times when records were mass produced, increasing the chance of weirdo b-sides making the cut.

Alex Jann – Blue Moon Rising

Sounds like a swarm of nanobots circling your head during a bumpy solar-sailing trip, but still not sure if this one fits in the Deep Space or the Deep Sea category! Seemingly flying (or diving?) way under the radar despite also including an excellent Marco Bernardi remix, although the original B-side track is definitely the remarkable one here. 

Osamu Sato – All Things Must Be Equal (BLN Edition) [Sleepers]

Japanese video game electro dug up by that wonderful Sleepers label, these guys inspired Walrus – captain of our second hand department here at Crevette – to start Basic Moves! Keep an eye on the next release by Eric Random.

Earth Leakage Trip – The Virtuality [Rising High Records]

Cheapo, downtempo tribal trip hiding on the B2 of a Rising High release, of all places! Perfect example of what can be found in our second hand crates, this one in particular left behind by one of Brussels' finest.

Raoul Denis Jr – Ti Ra Mizikasion [Kalalou]

We’re lucky to have a dealer who brings in this kind of stuff on a regular basis, straight from the source. ‘Ti gaçon fe Respew’ is definitely the one that does it on this album!

Transcemasters – Phuture Vision [Elektron]

The Belgian scene still shows its legacy in our crates and this Sven Van Hees record is a perfect example of the hidden treasures you can find here. Our intern selected this ravy, bass-driven 1991 cruiser he found here a couple of months ago when he was still on the other side of the counter. It’s the first release on the Elektron label which is mostly known for the Brown Hardware Inc. releases.

Noise Boys – No Way Back [BCM Records]

We have quite a large ‘Proto House’ section in our shop. This is a good example of a groovy house track from the '80s that went over the counter that will get the dancefloor started!

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