Missed, Skipped And Flipped #3


VHVL – Myrrh

I first came across VHVL when he/she/they/it released split cassette with Ras G on Leaving Records last year. After playing Ras G’s incendiary side I flipped the tape and pressed play. Instead of a collection of short tracks, like the A-Side, the B-Side was filled with one fuck off fifteen minute soundscape. After sixty seconds I was sold. I scoured the internet for any scraps of information I could gleam. yyy comes from the album that proceeded the Seat of the Soul split cassette. It might not be as dark and filthy as Fvrfew, but it still contains that idiocentric charm.

Annebel;Lee – I Saw it All Unfold: The Complete Annabel;Lee

Formed after the break-up of two Christian hardcore bands in Indiana in the early 2000's, Annabel;Lee had a shortlife. Formed at high school and broke up by graduation. Apart from the scene in their town they would have been lost to the ashes of history, had XRA Records not put out the complete recordings earlier this year. While they aren’t doing anything new, and in all fairness, that ground breaking they do sound like they’re having a great time, while making a racket and probably rolling all over the floor screaming like toddlers having a paddy. 

Anenon – Sunsets and Clocks EP

Another slice of ethereal electronica from the good people at Non Projects. Written while on tour with matthewdavid in Japan, Anenon’s Sunsets and Clocks EP conjures up perfectly the feeling of being constantly in flux and the isolation of new cities. We've all been there, and now that feeling has a soundtrack. 

Waterfall Person – Bug Byte

Sounding like a mixture of Courtney Barnett and Connan Mockasin, Waterfall Person seamlessly mixes childlike lyrics with wonky keyboards and woozy guitars to produce something that has been described as Lo-Fi ABBA. At first it does your head in, being all off kilter and shit, but after a while, when you’ve adjusted to it, it’s bloody brilliant! Not for the faint hearted or light headed…