Insomnia Music With Stump Valley


Darkness can bring out the best in people… or the worst. Then there is a niche collective of folk who abide by a different clock to that of planet earth and by which nature dictates. The midnight hours are often an intricate time of self reflection and personal growth – they allow for an unchallenged focus on our own thoughts and passions. Away from the distraction of the day, some have used this time across many years to develop their own perception of life, creativity and beyond. They have used the cloak of night to teach themselves and learn about all things new – be this music, poetry, art or literature. 

Stump Valley are an intiguing duo who have been a subtle presence amidst the balearic underbelly of dance and electronic music for many years now. They have released music on the likes of Off Minor, Uzuri and Dopeness Galore. They prefer to maintain a low profile, away from the public eye they have focussed on the evolution of their abstract creativity – channeling intricate musical experimentation and the sun kissed elegance of the tropics. 

We invited the pair to talk to us about their relationship with the night and they offer us an insight into what has perhaps grounded their own musical perception on life. 

"We chose insomnia music, in the 90's before we first met we shared a common activity. There was a radio station in Italy called Radio Italia Network: every night at midnight you could listen to a show called Master Mix. I remember the theme song was Larry Heard's 'Can you Feel It' and they played stunning house music til the early morning. Those were our high school days and we could get to school next morning after sleepless nights recording mixes on tapes. Basically this was our perfect lullaby, there was no night we weren't playing Radio Italia Network before sleeping. We still have some of those tapes and here we would like to share a selection of gems.."

Stump Valley have just released a new album on Dekmantel. Buy HERE

Harmonious Thump - The Supreme Law (After Hours Dub)

Nayan Lassiter’s killer bass from NY’s Vinylla Records, one of our favourites.

  • Harmonious Thump - The Supreme Law (After Hours Dub)

    Nayan Lassiter’s killer bass from NY’s Vinylla Records, one of our favourites.

  • Jamie J. Morgan - Why

    A great record from London’s Jamie J Morgan with a great variety of versions. Of course the dreamy one is our pick, fasten seat belt and close your eyes.

  • Spatial Understanding! - Heartbeat

    A percussive jam from Chicago’s prolific Chauncey Alexander and Sherman Burks, still in there each time we pack.

  • Pal Joey - Flight 801

    A dreamy voyage from the uncountable list of masterpieces from NY’s Pal Joey.

  • X-Tasy - Indian Summer (Underground Mix)

    Marco Rosales takes Kupper’s whistle song to Narnia, the perfect house lullaby.