Hippie Dance Takeover: You And Your Hippie Friends


2017 marks half-a-dozen years of Hippie Dance. It’s been an exciting period of time since Superpitcher and I had a desire to establish our own playground.

It was never meant to be a “serious” or commercial label that would be constantly hunting for new artists or hits. Basically, the aim was to be in control of a label for releasing our own music and that was it. However, after narrating our album “WE ARE REALLY SORRY”, the Fantastic Twins were born conceptually and were officially welcomed to Hippie Dance.

As the years ticked along, even though we decided not to consciously look for new music for the label, every now and then we ran into great music produced by some of our friends. Many of them were not “professionals” in music, but created fabulous pieces. We thought it was not fair that the world was denied this unique material and decided to create a sub label "You And Your Hippie Friends" to bring more joy to Earth with our friends' music. 

So far we have released two records under the label, entitled Combinado Numero Uno and Combinado Numero Dos, as well as an EP from Sebastien Bouchet.

Visit the page on Kompakt HERE

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