Hippie Dance Takeover: Sky Life With King So So


The only widely known and agreed-on fact about King So So is that he is King. It is not entirely clear if King So So, also known as King, or simply, So So, was born on planet Earth or somewhere in the unlimited space of the sky. Some biographies claim that King So So grew up with wolves in the deep forests of Siberia but later in his life studied taxidermy at the University of the Sky. However, as no biography on his life is regarded as accurate, neither based on first-hand knowledge, it is not even clear if King So So is actually a man. Some lesbian groups (note: especially in South Africa and Australia), claim that King So So is in actual fact, a woman.  

Rumor has it that King So So opened the Disco in the Sky after suffering from a severe bout of depression due to loneliness and intense attacks of melancholy. Even though many journalists over the past 100 years have tried to track him down for an interview, only one claimed to have heard King So So howl at the moon:

"Soooooo Soooooo much love!"

Some die-hard fans believe that King So So set himself alight in the Disco in the Sky after an unfortunate event that involved a disco ball which instantly killed his favourite flamingo. Allegedly the Disco in the Sky remains open and around the world fans believe that living, what they call The Sky Life, is the only path to ultimate enlightenment. 

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