Hauschka – Influences


German composer, songwriter and experimental musician, Hauschka, recently released Abandoned City; an album compiled of musical takes on particular cities linked to emptiness. With a wide variety of technology used throughout the album, combined with a sound musical premise, the album has already begun to push the envelope in many corners. We caught up with Hauschka ahead of his UK tour to find out about some of his influences.

Four Tet - Swimmer

I like the monochrome color of this track and the pace.

  • Four Tet - Swimmer

    I like the monochrome color of this track and the pace.

  • Oval - Tonregie

    The sound of Oval always reminds me of prepared piano sounds and it helped me to feel comfortable with noises in music.

  • Mouse On Mars - Gocard

    Mouse On Mars is a great band and inspired me from the 90s onwards. I visited Andi Thomas’ studio a couple of times and it helped me to believe that you can make abstract or weird music.

  • Console - Cutting Time

    Console makes music that inspires me a lot.

  • Michael Mayer - Falling Hands

    I love the dance tracks from Michael Mayer.They always have a very natural build up and are very soulful.

  • Mapstation Feat. Raz Donovan - Gravity

    Stefan Schneider aka Mapstation was the very first electronic musician I met and I loved his work with Raz Donovan.You hear dub and you dont at the same time.

  • Antonelli Electric - As Digital As We Are

    I love the beats of Antonelli Electric and their diversity in sound.

  • Alva Noto - Prototype 6

    Carsten Nicolai is an awesome minimalist and I like the space in this piece.

  • Pyrolator - Jeder Winter Wird Zum Frhling

    Pyrolator is a pioneer for electronic music from Dusseldorf. I founded the label Atatak and he is a part of the band Fehlfarben, an important band that i know already from the german wave. He is always up for very obscure and awesome performances.

  • Schneider - Tm Berzahl

    I love Schneiders dark drones. Even it is all on one note I love the sound quality.