Guest Editor’s Special Guest #1 – Harold Chlewicki On PNL & Westerns


EDITOR'S NOTE: Harold is a very good friend of mine, director, photographer, writer, movie and cactus lover. He gives you the in and outs of this piece himself so I won't do. Just remember that when you get lost in the desert, there's no reception

For more: and for an "introduction" to PNL

At first Ivan asked me to write a piece about PNL, the hip hop earthquake of a generation.
I won't because some things don't need to be written about. Anything you say will soil it.
All I can tell you is that you don't need long sentences to explain PNL.
Either you get it, or you don't.
And if you don't, well you can go fuck yourself.
Either you understood Original Pirate Material or you didn't.
Either you're a geezer or you aren't.
In your room, looking at the window, repeat the same track, doing another one.
Simple as that.
Like I said you don't need big sentences to explain PNL.
You need silence and big spaces.
You need to watch a western right now.
Westerns are movies that you can't do nowadays without risking to be ridiculous.
It's not because you own an original 808 that you can talk to me.
Let's face it, it doesn't work anymore, it has to be surrounded by this halo.
Westerns are ghosts. A past you will never catch again. A simplicity you miss. The dark you care about.
Loving westerns, it's all about outcasting, you don't belong here.
Friendship, loneliness, science of the look, Jennifer Jones.
You stick with me I stick with you.
You watch the people dancing exactly the same way you watch the city you are leaving, at dawn in a wide shot.
And if you close up a little bit, you see the same ghosts only they are neons.
But there's no one to save but yourself and you already chose to go to Aqua Verde Pike Bishop, no matter what.
So you ride lonesome.
I don't know why westerns are so important for Ivan and I. I just know that it's cool.
Neither why are we exactly on the same path regarding our love for those movies. Is Eddy Mitchell dead or not yet ?
I mean I know but I won't tell. The West is pride and secret.
I've just made big sentences to muddle the water.
I'm sorry it's the Ransom Note, I don't eat organic, I don't know if you care about our westerns feelings.
But I think that if it's really Ivan's takeover, so westerns are inevitable here.
Talking about Ivan without talking about Westerns, is like listening to PNL without smoking a lot of weed.
Useless like a railroad.
The world, Chico, go get your horse.

I shot this detail from Sidney Pollack's "The Electric Horseman" to illustrate this text – (images above and below), only because I want to have the chance one day to see Ivan wearing electric lights all over him while mixing.

Don't go look for any other explanation.

Now he's asking me a Western top ten, man those DJ's you know divas.

1. Forty Guns
Eyes and Dust.

2.The Wild Bunch

Because we all dream of being a child again, even the worst of us. Perhaps the worst most of all.

3. Johnny Guitar
This tension when after pretending not knowing each other, they finally talk. Of the past of course. This is the moment when Victor Young choose to break you apart.

4.Day of the Outlaw

5. Once upon a time in the west
12" extended dub.

6. Track of the Cat

7. Broken Arrow

8. Jeremiah Johnson
Besides succulents, I also love to fish.

9. The Searchers
Because I don't know how to forgive

10. Duel In The Sun
Like I said.

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