Drama Parlour’s Music To Cut Hair To #4


Good friend, client, DJ and all round superstar sexy lady Katie Barber has made a mixtape for the Drama Parlour. 

Music has always played a big role in Katie's life and she has been collecting records as long as she can remember. One of her earliest influences was her mother who herself was a DJ during the 60s.

Have a listen to the mixtape and read on as we have a chat with Katie;

When were you at your happiest?

I think I’m at my happiest right now actually! I’ve fallen properly in love and think I’m at an age where I get what it is I want to do, who those people are that I want to be around and that I don’t have to worry about coming across like an idiot who doesn’t know shit all the time. It’s taken a while getting there! 

What’s your greatest fear?

Having nothing to do.

Who do you admire?

My therapist.

What trait do you deplore in yourself/other people?

Being too bloody honest for my own good/people who aren’t honest.

What’s your worst habit?

Ha, singing… I love to belt out a song, I’ve a delusion that I’ve got a great voice. I especially love a Babs Streisand rendition or singing along at X Factor (eek).

Favourite word?


Who would you like to say sorry to?

I’ve always worked in creative agencies so a lot of creative people come through to show us/sell us their talents. I once overheard some music being played in the studio that was pretty dire, and I, without thinking, barged in to shout “what’s this dreadful noise?” before realising the musical composer was there with our creative director in an attempt to get us to take on his musical production services. I felt so dreadful that I bolted immediately. I should have apologised to him there and then but I didn’t.

Who do you despise? 

People who shout over the top of others, just because they can.

Who or what is the love of your life? 

Joe – he’s come along just at the right time and is totally inspirational when it comes to music. We fit perfectly.

What keeps you awake at night? 

Usually a cat, climbing over my head.

What would improve your life?

I can’t really think of much… maybe a dog?

What’s your greatest achievement?

Getting to 43.

How would you like to be remembered?

Blimey, I’m still getting my head round the here and now. 

What lessons has life taught you? 

Don’t bother dwelling on the actions of the idiots that have let you down.

What would your super power be? 

Being able to time travel.

Favourite smell?


Who would play you in a film?

Bella Emberg.

Tell us a secret?

I can fit my fist in my mouth, oh hold on, I think everyone knows that already (refer back to my earlier point about me being too honest). I can’t keep a secret.

You can see Katie Barber on 24th October with Joe Lye at Brilliant Corners, on 25th October with Joe Lye at This Aint No Disco, GirlzBlike with Marcia Carr & Josey Rebelle at Book Club AND on New Years Day at We Are Sunset at Star Hackney Downs. 

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