Audio Love 08.02.16


DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G – NYC Party Track (Freakout Cult)

Norwegian Fett Burger and Canadian Jayda G dropped this awesome colab last year but predictably it flew off the shelves before the likes of me could grab a copy. The title track is all you would ever want from a house record. All hinging around the chunkiest of disco beats, it grooves along before being joined by some wicked ravey stabs that add that little extra something. It’s simplicity and precision at its peak and is quite unstoppable. Over on the flip we have the lovely, lazy “Wind Waker” with both a club mix and ambient dub too. Not as instantly captivating as it’s showier cousin on the A side but will be one of those B sides that don’t get the attention they deserve until you stumble across it months or years later. If this one slipped through your fingers first time around now is the time to act.


Our Mutual Friend – Punta Christo (Voodoo Down)

The excellent Voodoo Down bring up their 9th release with this quality slab of techno from South London aficionados Our Mutual Friend. The label has been quietly doing their thing for a while now and seem like they’ve been going from strength to strength. This latest 12” is a moody affair, seeming to distil my soul in that negative, edgy period between waking up and ingesting coffee.


Dar Embarks – Cypher EP (Clear)

I’m fast becoming a big fan of Chicago imprint Clear. Their latest cut brings the local duo Dar Embarks into the fold with 4 tracks of sketchy, frenetic electro, that makes you fidget in your seat and dig your nails into the arms of your chair. It’s all about the edgy synth lines, impolite drums and a general lousy attitude. Brilliant.

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Steven Simpson – ND (10 Pills Mate)

Now this one passed me by 1000% when it dropped in November last year but, thanks to a recommendation by the kind chap behind the counter in Idle Hands at the weekend, it’s now unlikely to leave my record bag in the months to come. 3 tracks of crisp, warm acid that won’t tell you anything you don’t already know, but will connect with your arse, and your soul, on any dancefloor. Serious tip – grab it if you don’t already have it!

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Unknown Artist – Nihilist Penguin (No Label)

Possibly the most intense and thought provoking piece of music you will hear this year. This is crucial.