audio Love #4


Lord of the Isles 310C Symphony (Permanent Vacation)


Lord of the Isles has a pretty impressive back catalogue spread across a number of quality labels so teaming up with Permanent Vacation seems like a logical step for the Scottish producer. Staying true to his sound this outing sees him laying down 5 tracks that range from heart warming, lo-fi house jams to more hypnotic drum tracks right through to more ambient numbers.


The EP kicks off with the lush intro of the title track. Open chords ease you into the fray and the track slowly picks up rhythm and pace. On from here we have the muted percussion of C020 with hypnotic synth hook and melancholic strings sitting over the persistent rhythm section. Fyne starts off with keys that just drip quality. These are joined by a more off kilter rhythm and sporadic synth lines. Horizon Effect takes things almost into a chuggy disco direction but with a definite blissed out feel to it. Finally Western Electric is 3 minutes of lush ambience. Thick, sunny textures, bird song and warm synths build to a very pleasing climax to a well rounded EP. (Joe Europe)


Out January on wax and digi


Pip Williams Mode #7 (Brokn Toys)

Brokn Toys is a new label based in London and their first release is more than a little impressive. This is a 4 track small run wax of high quality electro with a heavy analogue sound pallet. Think somewhere along the lines of Dopplereffect meets Scratch Massive. All tracks are top quality but the stand out for me is Ashburton.  A jacking 808 rhythm is overlaid with such a lush string its untrue. All this lushness is nicely dissipated with an almighty analogue bass and rasta vocal sample. I dont often come across electro that I like anymore but this release proves to me that Im just not looking hard enough. Pure quality.  (Joe Europe)


Out now on wax


Tyson Ballard Feel Like I Feel (Voyeurhythm)


Voyeurhythm boss Tyson Ballard drops a full EP on his own label of deep machine soul that feels very accomplished. Ive been feeling their output for some time and this reinforces my impression of this label as a reliable source of quality. 


The EP opens with the slow, chugging Charges which I must say is disappointingly short at only 1 minute 13. It seems like weve only just got started and its all over which is a bit of a disappointment. On from here though we really get started. Next up we ease into the title track which is a beautifully put together piece of deep house music that sets off beautiful keys and synths against slightly frantic 909 hats. All Night is a more pensive but still deliciously deep number. Finally All Day centers around more clattering percussion and a tougher feel all together.  (Joe Europe)


Wax out in December digi to follow thereafter. 


Seven Davis Jnr Must Have 002

Last year everyone got a little hot under the collar about Andres' New 4 U…well the EP of 2013 that going to get deep house heads worked up just as equally is this badboy from Houston born, LA-based Seven Davis Jnr. Currently a name amongst the wise, likened to Sun-Ra making house, this soul poet has arrived with this quintuplet of freakymutha hip-wigglers. This scribe will now stop with the superlatives and expletives and just let the groove speak for itself. (Joe Bonez)


Various Artists – Use Of Weapons 006 

A long time in the making, Deep Space Orchestra keep hinting of an album in the near-future. To keep us going until then, Manc's denizens of the void have produced this 2×12 voyage into the deeper recesses of space-time. Popping up on the double EP (which actually almost feels like an album with its quasi-narrative flow) is oft-times MCDE collaborator 7 Citizens, and DSO's solo alter-egos, Other Worlds and Haku. Wearing their influences on their sleeve, coming across like Vangelis on steroids and invoking the spirit of Carpentarian film-score synthology, all three producers still channel everything into a strong dance-floor aesthetic. Full of great tracks, from Fatum's spiritual message and Beholder's low-end rumblings to Chronos' tightly contoured space-jazz and Kraken's ominousity. The stand out of the whole package for me has got to be Codename ELD a massive piano riffing, sub-bass flexing monster that quietly creeps up on you without you realising until it's truly too late.


Ponderosa Twins – Bound


Okay so Bound 2 is the visual manifestation of the departure of Kanye's last shred of sanity, but in all honesty it's still a pretty stirling track. It might be something to do with the sample from The Ponderosa Twin that harks back to sample-laiden College Dropout-era West productions. Somewhat worryingly, Kanye's trademark pitched-up faux falsetto comes naturally to one of the frankly ridiculous castrati-esque vocalist, sounding like Jacko huffing helium after a kick in the bollocks over a lovey dovey 70s pop soul instrumental. That probably makes it sound a bit crap, but it's actually surprisingly great. (Patrick Henderson)




P.s from William Wasteman – 'and you know that chorus in bounds 2 that was totally out of wack with the rest of the tune? heres the sample for that! This tune is basically like what the coronation street theme tune would be if the street was in harlem and it was the 80s: HARLEM STREET


Jann – The Ghetto Slang 


This fresh one from Jann on Land of Dance has been helping me stave off the winter blues. The inlay flyer says it all…
LOD means Land Of Dance
LOD is an experimental label, a djs and producers' joint venture coming from the whole world.
LOD is the expression of the way we produce our thoughts and reinvent our influences.
LOD is a land with no border, open to all sounds and styles.
Obvious really 🙂 (Anthony Mooney)