Audio Love 23.7.15


Tim Toh – Endorphinemachine EP (City Fly)

The excellent City Fly are back with some more quality house music with this new EP from personal favourite of mine Tim Toh and a nice remix from Thatmanmonkz. The east midlands label really are going from strength at the moment and this EP is probably one of their strongest to date.

I first picked up on Tim’s work when he dropped his mind melting Pandemonium EP on Philpot a few years back and have been a fan ever since. This current four tracker sees him in quite a restrained mood, with warm and soothing house grooves ruling the day but there are still hints of his more unruly aesthetic bubbling away behind. This is a quality release and you should grab a copy while you still can.

Out now on wax 

Loose Control Band feat. Ray Stevens II & Sal Principato – It’s Hot (Golf Channel)

Fuck a duck. Golf Channel are back with another genre defying, head frying 12” from the San Francisco based Loose Control band and they’re really living up to their name here. The duo have teamed up with Ray Stevens and Liquid Liquid vocalist Sal Principato for what shapes up to be a very nice record indeed.

We kick off on the A side with the Columbus Hotel mix of 'It’s Hot' and it’s fucking way out. We’re in uncharted territory here with a gorgeous, driving bass but as we progress things just descend into madness with grinding distortion and delays pinging off left right and centre. The track never looses its groove though. My inadequate synopsis is mainly funky with a hint of Nine Inch Nails if that’s even possible? Over on the flip the original of 'It’s Hot' lies in more familiar post punk/no wave territory but it’s still an absolute peach. There’s also a bonus beats version, which is quite a hectic affair and not really for me. Don’t worry about that though, this record is worth it for the A side alone, and the original mix is fucking hot too so who needs the bonus beats eh?

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 Juan Atkins and Mortiz Von Oswald – Borderlands II/III (Tresor)

I think this one has been out a little while but I’m never shy of being behind the curve. These two grand masters are working up to releasing a full length LP soon and, if this sampler is anything to go by, it should be fucking sublime. On the A side we have 'Footprints' which is all centred around a lovely, heavily swung, pent up 909 rhythm. Over on the flip we have the brooding and melancholic 'Mars Garden'. Two tracks of paired down, mechanized soul music of the highest order. 

Out now on wax