Audio Love 24.6.16


Konstantin Tschechow – Alpha Omega (Rat Life)

I promise I'm not in any way affiliated, or financially supported by the Dresden based Uncanny Valley/Shtum/Rat Life consortium. I know it may look like this because I seem to be dropping reviews and interviews left, right and centre. They just keep doing good music. That's all. I promise. Maybe I should approach them? Bit skint at the mo as it happens.

Anyway, Rat Life is an offshoot curated by Credit 00 and their output has been has been as consistently good as it has been constantly intense. This latest offering welcomes Konstantin Tschechow to the fold with a 5 track ep of heated electronic vibes. With clattering yet not overbearing drums, the energy across the EP swings from paranoid, pent up techno to all out rave slammers. “Controllers” is an absolute jam.


Lend Me Your Ears – Lend Me Your Ears (Apron)

In this over saturated musical landscape it's very hard to stand out from the crowd. With so many sound-a-like labels out there it's rare to find an imprint with such a strong, recognisable sound but Funkinevin's Apron is certainly one that does. Not being pinned down to any particular niche, Apron focuses on aesthetic outlook, attitude, feeling and vibe so that whether it be abstract noise, house or wonky hip-hop you can spot one of their releases a mile off. They recently welcomed the Bristolian duo of LMYE to the fold for a double tracker of skuzzy, yet funk laden 12”.

The focus here is on rough-yet-funky, sample-led house music with very much its own sound. On the A Side we have “Cali 76” which is defined by the 60s sounding, twangy guitar samples that slightly bring to mind Morricone. Over on the flip is “Pays to be Pushed” which is the stronger of the two in my humble opinion. While the A side is lovely, there's much more groove on offer here, while still sounding individual and expressive. Cracking stuff all round.


Various Artists – Comp for Andreas Gehm (No Label)

Many of you will have seen the sad news about the passing of the prolific German acid house producer Andreas Gehm. Leading up to his death he had an ongoing battle with poor health and needed funds to help pay for medical costs. To help raise cash a compilation was put together, including an impressive 129 tracks from a huge number of artists totalling over 13 hours of music for only 14 quid. Now that he's lost his battle the compilation funds are now going towards funeral expenses. There's so much awesome, acid-centric music in here you'd be daft not to get on it, good cause or not.



Cottam – Cottam 05 (Cottam)

Never has a release made my review titles look so fucking stupid!! I'm sure you'll be appalled by this, rightly so, but don't let that put you off. Cottam is a bit of a don if truth be told. A master of the slow jam, here he serves one heads down, grumpy, percussive groover and one hands in the air like-you-just-don't-care tubthumper. Cracking stuff.


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