Audio Love 23.4.15


Jordan GCZ – Lushlyfe EP (Rush Hour)

If you regularly check this column then you’ll know I have a huge music crush on Jordan GCZ aka Jordan Czamanski aka Jordash out of Juju & Jordash aka the guy who runs Off Minor. He’s a straight up don when it comes to weird yet beautiful, abstract yet playable house music and this latest release for the Rush Hour No Label thingy sees him in fine form.

We open with 'Lushlyfe Slap' which doesn’t do anything in a hurry, opening with a long and evolving ambient section. But, when it does come to life, it’s a lovely, emotive wash of color and warmth. Over on the flip we have simply Lushlyfe' which again is a slowly developing ambient builder but this time focusing on spacious flutes and drones. As things warm up we get a lovely rhythmic synth pattern that picks up the thread and slowly massages you through the rest of the proceedings. Towards the end the chugging rhythm is joined by some utterly lovely, crisp, digital string pads that deserve a medal. Finally 'Lushlyfe Birds' is another excursion into warm and warbling rhythms and pads so soft they’re like melting butter. Oh, and the cover is exceedingly beautifully designed. Well worth checking.

Out now on wax 

Local Artist – Feelings (Rhythm Section International)

Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section imprint are at it again. This is their fourth release and it comes courtesy of Vancouver natives Local Artist, reinforcing his mission to bring the world to Peckham and Peckham to the world.

They’ve got three tracks of laid back, idiosyncratic house music and all three will definitely be getting some play from me (probably only in my spare room though – gigs being a bit scarce at the moment). I hear there’s a lot more planned by RS too so grab this and then keep your eyes peeled for these guys in the coming months.

Out now on wax. Check this one and the rest of their back catalogue on their Bandcamp page 

Robert Hood/Flooroplan – Shaker/Ritual (EPM Music)

Ok, this one is a big 'un. The king of the stripped-down groove has dropped a two tracker on EPM music, one side under his own name and one side under his more house-focused Floorplan moniker and they’re both off the scale.

'Shaker' sees Robert at his gritty but effective best while over on the flip the Floorplan offering 'Ritual' is a loopy yet infectious beast. This has all of the quality that you’d expect from a true legend. Well worth checking.

Out now on wax