audio love 2014 #9

  1. Loving me, loving glue…
    This week Europe love rubs some corkers and Wil just drivels on as ever…

    Monty Luke Lonely is the Night (Mr. Fingers Mixes) (Back Catalogue)


    Sometimes you want your house music slow, sleazy, dark and tripped out to fuck. If youre in one of these moods (which I must say I find myself in often) then this pair of remixes of Monty Lukes Lonely is the Night is definitely for you. The original was quite a record in itself, landing on the excellent Back Catalogue in the tail end of 2013 but Mr Fingers got his greasy mits on it and has taken things even sleazier.


    There are two interpretations on offer here, the Fingers Raw mix and the Fingers Underground mix. Theyre both pretty raw and pretty underground to my ears. Both have that dirty 808 beat, sinister pitch shifted vocal and dubby delays pinging off left right and centre. Where they differ the most is all in the b-line. In the raw mix Fingers goes for a resonant, squelchy number that kind of sludges its way along underneath the proceedings. In the underground mix hes gone for a fuller, lovely square wave plod.


    Out now on wax

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    Tilman Mild Western EP (Tenderpark)


    Tilman has been plugging away for years now producing deep, soul infused house music from his evil lair on the banks of the river Rhine. I think hes been criminally over looked and this EP on Berlin imprint Tenderpark definitely proves this.


    The three tracker takes us into slow, dusty soulful house territory. Each of the tracks has a hypnotic feel, focusing on simplicity and groove. Theyre very much in the vein of Parish and Moodyman, and this is an area where a lot of people try and fail. Tilman definitely doesnt fail here but delivers three tracks crafted with love, warmth and passion.

    Out 4th April.







    Various Artists African Shakedown #2 (African Shakedown)


    How did I miss African Shakedown #1? Damn it! Well African Shakedown #2 is definitely on my radar and this collection of cheeky, afro-sample-tastic-funk-sausages is a delight. Weve got Eddie C in on the action with O Ye, also Noema with The Shake. Then weve got Axel Boman giving Bayaya the once over and a Soft Rock edit of Disco Machine. Funky good times.


    Out now on wax. Check

  4. Joe Europe

    Wil's One Liners…
    Margot – Liuff Settanta (Fango) 
    Psychedelic Comeme love child from the ever quality Hell Yeah.