Audio Love 17.7.15


Duckett – Waiting for Weather EP (Until My Heart Stops)

The second installment of the formidable two-part Duckett release on UMHS dropped a couple of weeks back and it’s out of this world. With only four tracks to play with Duckett offers a nice range of sonic pallets. We’ve got the contemplative build of “Ewole Drive”, the blend of fresh-air keys and synthetic mallets of “Cobwebs and Waiters”, the moody wandering synths of  “Nervous in Regard To Waking Up” and finally the pent up licks and bongs of “Are Things OK at Home?” This guy is on fire at the moment and I hope to see lots more from him in the future. Hats off sir. 

Out now on wax 

Harvey Sutherland – Bermuda EP (MCDE)

Some next level, laidback disco fire right here on Danilo Plessow’s MCDE imprint. Exactly the sort of thing I’d be playing if I was the kind of guy who got booked to play on boats/beach bars in the Adriatic, on London roof-terraces or outdoor venues in other generally sunny/cool locations. As it happens I’m just listening to it on my own in my spare room, crying uncontrollably whilst watching reruns of Animal Hospital. I’m still enjoying it though.

Out now on wax 

F.T.F. – TMFN#000666 (Tape Archive)

Tape Archive surfaced as a YouTube channel around a year ago and now they’re making the transition to wax with this excellent 12” from F.T.F. I’d not heard of the channel until this nugget dropped into my inbox but, having spent a while perusing their catalogue I can vouch for the fact that there’s some excellent cuts in there. That said, this latest offering is possibly the best of the bunch so it’s great to see them spread their wings and hit the shelves. What we have is 3 tracks of understated but absolutely on the money house music with a “classic” sound pallet but definitely not a backwards outlook. All of the tracks are a cut above but I have to say that “Untitled 1” is a fully Europe-endorsed banger and no mistake. Keep your ears peeled for this label in the future. 

Out now on wax

Asan – Untitled EP (SORN)

SORN is the new imprint from the mighty Bokhari records focusing on the weirder/darker side of life. After completely blowing me away with the Black Merlin release, their 2nd EP has just dropped and it’s another cracker. This time it’s Asan who’s bringing the heat and once again we have oddball, esoteric techno and it’s fucking brilliant. All of the tracks are pearlers but if I was picking favourites I’d have to say I’m torn between the unruly but sublime “German Film Score” and the Steve Moore mix of the catchily named “Untitled” which brings a bit of chug to the party. Excellent stuff.

Out now on wax

TB Arthur – Dubs from the DAT (Argot)

I’m so behind the curve I don’t even really know why you’re reading this column but the TB Arthur release that dropped on one of my favourite labels Argot recently cannot go unmentioned on these pages. Mr TB is an absolute don when it comes to scuzzy dancefloor acid and this latest offering sees him venturing into some tripped out, drum-induced -hypnosis territory. Most of his releases so far have been very low-key “in the know” kind of affairs so it’s cool to see him stick his head above the parapet. More please!!!

Out now on wax