Audio Love 13.11.14


Juju and Jordash – Clean Cut (Dekmantel)

If ever there was an electronic music outfit suited to the long player format it’s Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski. As Juju and Jordash they’ve now clocked up 4 albums including this latest offering which sees them in fine form and no mistake. Out of the 4, the last 3 have all come out on the Dutch powerhouse Dekmantel and it seems like they couldn’t look for a better, more suited platform for their work.

On some counts the album sees them continue, and build upon their sound that they’ve developed over the years and on some counts we get a clear development. What I think a lot of people love these guys for is their intense, psychedelic, loose-yourself kind of jams. Lots of dusty old hardware, lots of weirdo psych and jazz influences, lots of wig out moments and all of that. And yes, that’s all still here in abundance. Let’s face it; it wouldn’t be a JJ&JD album without it! But it feels a lot cleaner and crisper than their stuff has been in the past, and that sounds really pleasing to my ears. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for fuzz but I really like the sizzle that this seems to have.

Highlights for me – “Anywhere” for its lovely chords and flecks of guitar and “Swamp Things” for it’s paranoid tension and distant, warbling sax. This is a high quality album and you should probably buy it.

Out soon on wax

Brawther – Untitled (Balance Recordings)

Brawther have teamed up again with Balance Recordings for this excellent 3 tracker of very high quality house music. I often struggle with my bomb site of an inbox and so I’m even more chuffed that I stumbled across this gem. “Come Inside” is heads down material, no frills slightly dubby dancefloor goodness. On the flip we’ve got “VXVXVX” which is a more open, classic sounding number which rolls beautifully. Finally there’s a remix of “VXVXVX” which doesn’t alter things drastically but introduces some washy reverb. Great release, can’t wait to play it out.

Out 24th November on wax

K15 – Insecurities (Wild Oats)

I first came across K15 back in the summer with his excellent EP on Wotnot Music in June and back then there were rumblings about a forthcoming EP on Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats. And so here it is finally, and it’s an excellent contribution to an excellent label. Deeply involved, wandering funk, all with a lovely underpinning of house rhythms. Excellent EP!

Out now on wax

Wil's one liners 

Joe Europe – Out Of The Park – Bokhari

This was made by our very own Joe Europe… yes that one, the one above who writes nice things about other people every week. So now I'm writing something nice about him… not cos he's threatening to show everyone the pictures of me and goat but because it's ace. Add this to your MUST BUY list… now.  



Dos Palos – Lady Of The Westway (NuNorthern Soul Records)

This is absolute quality. In a quest to find some wildcards to lob in to downtempo Balearic DJ sets, I've found myself getting in to psychedelic rock in my old age, and this release basically sums up the synergy of those two worlds. It's like if you walked in to Cafe Mambo, dropped some acid, and then woke up in 1969 at Woodstock or something. The architect is actually Robin Lee of Faze Action-fame, so that probably explains the appeal to folks who've done their time on sweaty dancefloors down the years, but honourable mention also to vocalist Ed Begley… technically superb.