Audio Love 12.8.15


Lady Blacktronika – Oh So Cold EP (Meda Fury)

Meda Fury have been bubbling along nicely since their inception around a year or so ago and they’ve covered quite an impressive amount of territory too. This latest offering comes courtesy of Lady Blacktronika and she really picks out the perfect line between dancefloor functionality and that weirder territory where you’re not quite so sure what’s going on anymore. Hailing from San Hose but now based in Berlin, she has been slowly but surely building a name for herself and seems to be getting a nice bit of momentum lately.  

Over the course of the five tracks we’ve got a nice bit of variety going on in terms of colour and vibe. At the extremes, we range from the pure house groover of 'Closer Look' to the downright weird and disorientating 'Akuas Heart' and I love this diversity. There’s nothing worse than listening to a 12” of four identi-tracks and, while there is a cohesive theme, identi-tracks these are not. Brilliant stuff all the way and well worth checking out.

Out now on wax (and most likely via naughts and ones at some point too)

The Marx Trukker – Among Climetree Harbors (Noorden)

So here we are with the second Noorden review in two weeks, I guess this makes me a bit of a fan of the Cologne-based label and rightly so. This time we’ve got an old favourite of mine, The Marx Trukker, stepping up with an excellent four track EP of lovely, fuzzy, atmospheric jams that would suit a tripped out headphone excursion as much as they would a nicely-tuned club sound system. Mark’s sonic output has graced these hallowed pages a few times already with his EP on Greta Cottaging Workout , his lovely album on Pluie/Noire here and a tasty 7” on Noorden here. This latest four tracker sees him delivering some of his most accomplished work to date and I’m all over it like a nappy rash on a Tory peer after a particularly hedonistic weekend down the brothel.

So we kick off with the title track and it’s a lovely, atmospheric number replete with tinkling mallets, half-heard vocals and a gorgeous meandering key line that bubbles along very nicely indeed. Next up 'Where I Was a Child' plays with timing by subtly changing the feel of the rhythm underneath some lovely keys. Over on the flip we have 'My Daddy Was a Polyphonic Prayer' which is possibly my favourite of the bunch with powerful repeating synth pulses and a deep, deep bass that I’m guessing is going to sound lovely “in da club”. To round things off we have the effortless, noodly groove of 'I Once Got up and then Kept Lying' which chugs away beautifully. This is a high quality EP indeed and you’d be foolish to miss it.

Out very soon on swanky blue wax – only 200 copies.

Rhythm Odyssey & Dr Dunks – Big Fish (Golf Channel)

Shit. The. Bed. This is another belter from the Golf Channel stable. Two of their finest alumni are back with an absolute cracker of a tune, with heavy duty back-up in the form of remixes by the Central Executives and Marcellus Pittman. When Golf Channel do dancefloor, it’s better than most other chumps and this is no exception. I’m going to be playing this Marcellus Pittman remix at my numerous (imaginary) high profile gigs at respected venues across the globe and no mistake.

Coming soon on wax.