8 Tracks: Of Images That Sound Nothing Like They Look With Sharp Veins


US producer Sharp Veins is releasing a new EP on UNO NYC this Friday. bleeds colors and puddles is the long-awaited follow-up to Inbox Island which came out on Glacial Sound in 2015. Having first started out making instrumental grime as part of the Boxed network of producers, Sharp Veins has gradually let his music become informed by the more esoteric influences that were obvious from some of his early mixes, and the new EP is his most decisive statement of purpose to date.

For this 8 Tracks feature, Sharp Veins has put together a fascinating mini-project that sheds some light on his unique sampling process. I'll let him explain in more detail here:

"i burned myself out on using relatively unaltered environmental recordings shortly after the release of my first record, which set me to thinking about other ways of including digital records of places or things into my music. i began cruising wikimedia commons for images that, for one reason or another, caught my eye or my imagination. i took these images, opened them in a text editor to supplement or efface their splayed out data, then imported the raw data into audacity. I sampled bits and pieces of the resultant rackets, using these cold thumps and bellows as fodder for simple synthesis & warm melodies. these are some of the images i used. they don't sound much like they look."

Listen to the full playlist below:

1 increases in steps of severity / harshness before going back to rapid clicks

2 big engine droning and wavering. it announces itself and exits abruptly. 

3 a bleep with incessant clicking and rising hum

4 variable time stretched power line detachment

5 a tireless hydraulic pounding at the door. it steadily shifts its articulations. 

6 begrimed puddle with rain falling into it, grey sky. a pair of boots walk by. something above the clouds. 

7 light flickers, fuse breaks

8 painful flecks of sun reflecting off a pond 

bleeds colors and puddles is out 20th October on UNO NYC. Pre-order here.

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