8 Tracks – John Osborn


If anyone knows a good defining track from London's 90s it's John Osborn. He made the move to Berlin in 1999 leaving the place that sparked his curiosity in experimental techno behind for the next best thing. Flitting between house and techno like a moth eternally trapped in the middle of two flourescent bulbs, his latest EP has just been released via Tanstaafl Records. Here, he takes us on a trip down memory lane with 8 tracks that'll set your mind wandering back to happier times.

John Osborn's Desire Is Mono is out now via TANSTAAFL Records, grab your copy here.

Leftfield - Storm 3000

There is everything in this track and it all makes sense. Drum & Bass, Tribal House, Trance, Detroit Techno and UK Hardcore Rave – there is even a break drop that is reminiscent of Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’. It’s certainly one to leave the journalists scratching their heads as to what genre this fits in. First time I heard it I was at the actual album launch party held at the former GLC building in London. All paid for by Sony Music Entertainment, back in the days when major labels really spent money on such things. It was probably the best entertainment I have ever had from Sony, sure beat a PS4, just ask my mate Paul about what was in that massive ‘fruit’ punch.