This has been scoring plays from Giles Peterson and love across the board from all the nu garage bods; Untold, Mount Kimbie etc getting all hot and sticky over XXXYs gloops of fractal arpeggios. The track could easily be just one more drop in an ocean of tunes that throw together a pretty collection of chords, echo-y vocals and 2 steppery were it not for the monstrous drop larging it up round 3 minutes in. The bass comes on clean and clear and immense reminiscent of Hyph Mngos opening salvo– and gives true guts and a near magisterial aspect to the endless cascades of icicle delicate notefall. The flip has more of the same; beautiful arpeggios and dirt chamber bass driving along another lush and rhythmically spasmodic dance floor winner. Cop one of the10s while you can, theres only 350 of the little fellas in existence….

Ian Mcquaid

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