Woozy summer sun…


I was at a rather trendy Wolf & Lamb vs Soul Clap night the other week. Packed dancefloor, a musical breadth of knowledge keeps things ticking nicely. So far, so good… till we gets to around an hour and a half before the end of the night and they kick down into solid early 90s slow jams. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good slow jam but an hour and a half of them at 4.30 in the morning? Just don’t wash these un-educated pony dust powered British ears. Sure it bangs over stateside tho…

Anyway, Cascine very kindly sent me the lovely new Jensen Sportag single the other day and it’s rather superb. With it’s woozy, drunken rhythms and it’s over effected vocals it sounded particularly soporific in the early summer sun of last weekend.

“You know that feeling you get when you realise that you’re in love. That’s what I feel. Right here. ” Well I wouldn’t go that far… but it’s pretty beautiful all the same.

Check some love here:

Jensen Sportag – Pure Wet by CASCINE

So we were talking about Slow Jams weren’t we? Right, so I get my freak on about the above and am going mmm I’m gonna love everything they do. Then this happens:

Jensen Sportag – Jareaux from Jensen Sportag on Vimeo.

Anyhow, I’m not gonna be rude about it as I know a lot of people love it… plus my ears have been infected with Slow-jam overkill from a few weeks back…

Buy the first track, it’s ace. Knowing Cascine it’ll come in some beautifully packaged casing too!

While we’re on the Cascine tip, there’s a free download of Selebreties ‘Can’t Make Up My Mind’ which sounds like it should be on the Ferris Bueller soundtrack or some other 80′s American coming of age film… and it’s all the better for it. It’s been around for a while… but I’m a bit slow sometimes OK.